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GTK+2 standard engines and themes


  • gtk-engines-2.20.2-r100
    ~alpha amd64 arm ~arm64 ~hppa ~ia64 ~loong ~mips ppc ppc64 ~riscv sparc x86 ~amd64-linux ~x86-linux ~x64-solaris ~x86-solaris
    accessibility lua lua_single_target_lua5-1 lua_single_target_lua5-3 lua_single_target_lua5-4 abi_x86_32 abi_x86_64 abi_x86_x32 abi_mips_n32 abi_mips_n64 abi_mips_o32 abi_s390_32 abi_s390_64

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commit e6ba766095dbcd54cb74c72a1656f1295c213689
Author: Michael Uleysky <>
Date: Fri Jun 15 13:04:32 2018 +1000

Fix building of shared libraries.

commit 31ad9feadcd63179d7c2b86663d679c08f3c9a08
Author: Michael Uleysky <>
Date: Sat Jul 8 21:29:26 2017 +1000

Initial commit.
All the files needed to build the gsview.