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Gentoo Repository news - 19/01/2018 08:20 GMT

A new tab with Gentoo repository news is now available.

Posted By: Ycarus

Some news - 03/10/2016 20:00 GMT

No news since a long time...

Now the site use Lets encrypt for TLS, backend was updated to support latest portage version, some bugs are fixed,...

Posted By: Ycarus

Everything work - 24/12/2014 08:00 GMT

All should be working now.

Posted By: Ycarus

Hard disk drive failure - 19/12/2014 21:00 GMT

After a hard disk drive failure, migrate to a new server.

IPv6, HTTPS, SPDY and updates will be back very soon.

Posted By: Ycarus

bgo overlay - 02/11/2014 07:00 GMT

bgo overlay is back.

Posted By: Ycarus

BTRFS & bgo overlay - 18/10/2014 22:00 GMT

With the help of BTRFS I have expanded the FS for all overlays.

bgo overlay, generated from, is down for now because all links on are down.

Posted By: Ycarus

HTTPS and SPDY - 28/03/2014 12:00 GMT

I added TLS support with the help of a CAcert certificate.
The website also support SPDY protocol now.

Posted By: Ycarus

Zentoo Linux Distro - 11/03/2014 12:00 GMT

I added Zentoo Linux ebuilds. Zentoo Linux is a variant of Gentoo Linux with an emphasis on server deployment on x86_64 platforms.

Posted By: Ycarus

Overlays problem - 31/07/2013 12:00 GMT

The website was not updated due to a failure in downloading list of overlays from layman. The website is updating now. Should be ok very soon.

Posted By: Ycarus

IPv6 and eix-remote - 18/03/2013 21:40 GMT

The website is now available (again) over IPv6.

You can search in all overlays of with eix now, with the help of eix-remote : eix-remote -a (same cache as default eix-remote, with "outside" overlays)

Posted By: Ycarus