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commit e9e5420d3174310350080de3cba5d71d40277044
Author: Dallen Wilson <>
Date: Fri Jan 14 12:25:11 2022 -0700

sys-process/btop: Updated to v1.1.4, now uses portage cxxflags.

commit 8b3440851c017a62ecdeb8aee55f353c167a5ac6
Author: Dallen Wilson <>
Date: Mon Nov 22 09:04:45 2021 -0700

sys-process/bpytop removed; sys-process-btop added.

Removed bpytop and replaced it with btop. btop is a c++ re-write of
bpytop, as bpytop was in turn a python re-write of
bashtop, all three by the same author.

btop ebuild sourced from guru overlay and udated to lated version.