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A simple tool for comparing two linux kernel .config files


  • kccmp-0.3-r2
    ~amd64 ~arm ~arm64 ~hppa ~m68k ~mips ~ppc ~ppc64 ~s390 ~sh ~sparc ~x86 ~ppc-aix ~x64-cygwin ~amd64-fbsd ~x86-fbsd ~amd64-linux ~arm-linux ~x86-linux ~ppc-macos ~x64-macos ~x86-macos ~m68k-mint ~sparc-solaris ~sparc64-solaris ~x64-solaris ~x86-solaris

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commit 74656a76316554c942acd3c37cae96dd2517fcd4
Author: Martin Väth <>
Date: Tue May 4 08:41:30 2021 +0200

ispell freesci ipe libspiro kccmp avidemux: Bumps, gcc-11, fixes

Signed-off-by: Martin Väth <>

commit 7af8a93e6035e97f2d5553a956d6c89ec33f4ef6
Author: Martin Väth <>
Date: Sun Oct 14 06:16:49 2018 +0200

Add exotic arches

commit 99efcabb0f9fcfbcaee0e117073b781c03a0539e
Author: Martin Väth <>
Date: Sun Sep 23 21:51:42 2018 +0200

Update copyright (glep-0076)

commit 094d1baa446a429adf4d090893acf7f7c7dd1c49
Author: Martin Väth <>
Date: Mon May 7 23:17:25 2018 +0200

Minor cleanups/EAPI bumps

commit d1bdf34d9cfb3dcdae4ed8a5e1c48f09d2e24275
Author: Martin Väth <>
Date: Wed Nov 1 21:03:56 2017 +0100

sys-kernel/kccmp: Add from gentoo repository to build with qt5