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Simple Features for R


  • sf-0.9.6
    r_suggests_blob r_suggests_covr r_suggests_dplyr r_suggests_ggplot2 r_suggests_knitr r_suggests_lwgeom r_suggests_maps r_suggests_odbc r_suggests_pillar r_suggests_pool r_suggests_raster r_suggests_rgeos r_suggests_rlang r_suggests_rmarkdown r_suggests_rpostgres r_suggests_rpostgresql r_suggests_rsqlite r_suggests_s2 r_suggests_sp r_suggests_spatstat r_suggests_spatstat_utils r_suggests_stars r_suggests_testthat r_suggests_tibble r_suggests_tidyr r_suggests_tidyselect r_suggests_tmap r_suggests_vctrs byte-compile

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