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LokiNET is an anonymous, decentralized and IP based overlay network that aims to be low-latency, high bandwidth and resistant to Sybil attacks.


  • lokinet-0.9.11-r1
    amd64 ~x86 ~arm64 ~arm ~mips ~mips64 ~ppc64
    cpu_flags_x86_avx2 coverage daemon debug embedded hive jemalloc liblokinet netns shadow testnet test

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    Overlay: oxen-overlay


commit 57d83a0a21b4830af4fdedbbdc7e4fe5e195308a
Author: Mikk Margus Möll <>
Date: Wed Jul 5 18:18:52 2023 +0300

net-vpn/lokinet: add dev-libs/spdlog to deps

commit 333620357f33037b65687f85dcabfd3845e24340
Author: layman <layman@localhost>
Date: Sat Jan 28 15:34:18 2023 +0100

Updated lokinet to 0.9.11 and oxencore to 10.2.0

commit 61356286982f9903090537adc8c9b682a5a81924
Author: layman <layman@localhost>
Date: Wed Nov 23 21:09:43 2022 +0100

Updated lokinet to 0.9.10

commit 83e7c82a695be3e90cdda96d6587d6633f5ccf50
Author: layman <layman@localhost>
Date: Wed Oct 5 04:32:11 2022 +0200

Fix spacing

commit ded830dcb32ff22f79e06497ec2a6dcfa125e3d6
Author: layman <layman@localhost>
Date: Sun Oct 2 23:18:35 2022 +0200

Updated oxencore and lokinet

now it uses shared libs when it can

commit ce54d4783162a449bb641c9f762fe483184aaa97
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Sun Jun 12 22:09:35 2022 +0200

Added virtual/libcrypt dep

commit 49c4d16d302c5202b64ca952a32bf34d006c8389
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Sun Jun 12 22:07:26 2022 +0200

Updated lokinet and oxencore

TODO: do not link statically u retarded dumbass, deps work correctly now but i'm a lazy fuck

commit 4226045cc24e35395ad386251b7389aa239e3d09
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Tue Apr 12 09:37:37 2022 +0200

Replace tabs by spaces & added some comments

commit 65c8cb3ce442df19ff48d125e4c232136807887b
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Tue Apr 12 08:58:48 2022 +0200

ADded README and daemon useflag for LokiNET pkg

commit 77edd1a599c4e51ac119667d6cac96380f5d109e
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Tue Apr 12 08:08:09 2022 +0200

Patching libzmq for lokinet & added oxen scripts

The emerge sandbox doesn't allow downloads.
This would need to be fixed by downloading it first or by OXEN.

commit af63583b24295b1eec3d27cf523a99ebe0fff9e1
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Tue Apr 12 07:25:54 2022 +0200

Remove screen froms deps

commit 3533d50e6301575c32aa7d730561f29a012e39e3
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Tue Apr 12 07:23:17 2022 +0200

Added LokiNET OpenRC scripts

commit 3ae5f89725335ab11bef1b75f4fb4ac58701e643
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Mon Apr 11 08:01:46 2022 +0200

Added groups and users

commit c5a1dc6e66fbfd7295df08bcf7ad77b98fbdcda3
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Mon Apr 11 03:45:27 2022 +0200

Prefer static builds for now

We rather statically link the from the external projects, the reason
is that oxen-core and lokinet for example links to different versions
of librairies due to different release timeline and many
complications. Ideally, in the future, we could get everything
as to link against shared libraries (with an ebuild for each librairies).

commit 10cd966bc62dc50894c5bc73007e29759328e5be
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Sun Apr 10 23:50:16 2022 +0200

Removed patches & debug useflag

Can't set build type as release yet.

commit b785b1230ebbd00e32322bca5418f493fa16aa51
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Sun Apr 10 12:20:15 2022 +0200

LTO off on lokinet not needed anymore

commit 0935a5894665f4d76abd9454055eb4b87e0473f3
Author: xutaxkamay <>
Date: Sun Apr 10 12:16:10 2022 +0200

Initial commit