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Add an analogue clock to the Budgie Panel. Made for Budgie Desktop.



commit 2dcb903dac56d99db5213e161ebbdeda2ee839cf
Author: Sarah Mia <>
Date: Fri Apr 30 22:24:07 2021 +0200

Updated budgie-extras to use regular src instead of git
Fixed budgie-extras network commit tag for network source
Updated most ebuilds with removal of git inherit since I forgot (oops)
Updated README

commit 7f69dca63f0a86123c1a05ce459413ab66fd6dca
Author: Sarah Mia <>
Date: Fri Apr 30 19:32:13 2021 +0200

Changed testing ebuilds from git to regular src_uri
Updated and fixed README

commit c0a8f7b0314dc053721ded30194a437e16549b72
Author: Sarah Mia <>
Date: Thu Apr 29 17:20:44 2021 +0200

Fixed homepage of several ebuilds
Updated dependencies of ebuilds and removed those that fall under
budgie-desktop already.
Updated licenses of ebuilds
Added LICENSE to the overlay to make terms of use clear (gpl-3, nothing

commit 1415e84ec458f49873a7ff157e5320516e180013
Author: Sarah Mia <>
Date: Thu Apr 29 00:51:42 2021 +0200

Added budgie-analogue-clock-applet