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Fantasy roguelike set in the far north during the late Iron-Age



commit 02e1f95106a0a83937d263ed2ee09ae150a7a0e1
Author: leycec <>
Date: Wed Jun 9 02:34:30 2021 -0400

games-roguelike/unreal-world: Repaired.

This commit repairs all eclass, build-time, and runtime failures
associated with UnReal World (URW), as well as bumping URW to its most
recent stable free-as-in-beer release (URL 3.62).

commit 642cb793cf8c08dd0f86d792fe2630cbd2111884
Author: leycec <>
Date: Thu May 23 21:11:11 2013 -0400

Added Unreal World v3.16, a survival roguelike.

Like, it's totally excellent. Nordic-pagan to the hilt, complete with
indigenous chant and auditory ambiance. Happily, Sami recently
transmigrated this venerable gem of a roguelike to a free (if closed-
source) model, rendering an automated Gentoo ebuild possible.