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An open source implementation of the RealLive virtual machine for Linux and OSX



commit 047e40109adb76af92a25b0e0fe4b72a8a0f7723
Author: Eugene Baklanov <>
Date: Wed Sep 5 00:08:51 2018 +0700

Fixed build errors, updated ebuilds

- Updated rlvm to EAPI6.
- Redid multimc5 almost entirely; fixed dependencies.
- Added newer pythons to python-mpd use flags.
- Dropped stable python-mpd, since the tree has a newer one than me.

commit 8118f28ac2ea207a010c91910e3fad034f478b7f
Author: Eugene Baklanov <>
Date: Mon Jul 10 12:53:34 2017 +0600

Moving the custom repositry to git

Made a git repository post factum; adding all custom ebuilds at once.