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A set of plugins for Pluma, the MATE text editor.


  • pluma-plugins-1.26.0
    +python bracketcompletion codecomment smartspaces synctex terminal python_single_target_python3_8 python_single_target_python3_9 python_single_target_python3_10 test

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commit 4ddbd58b40230b584a8c1a39ad987e83e2562ae2
Author: Oz Tiram <>
Date: Sun Aug 22 14:46:52 2021 +0000

app-editors/pluma-plugins: fix typo

commit c9eecc5a3ad57242c4bf1efb469ab6129f6c796d
Author: Oz N Tiram <>
Date: Sat Aug 21 13:24:56 2021 +0200

app-editors/pluma-plugins: update use flags

Signed-off-by: Oz N Tiram <>

commit e4ae45e7e5c155f5b37b8945f7b4500c64948a2a
Author: Oz N Tiram <>
Date: Mon Aug 9 23:28:21 2021 +0200

app-editors/pluma-plugins: initial import

Signed-off-by: Oz N Tiram <>