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installkernel new USE flag systemd-boot - 30/01/2024 00:00 GMT

/sbin/installkernel is a script called by the kernels 'make install' as well
as by the distribution kernels post install phase. sys-kernel/installkernel
provides two paths for installing the kernel:
- the traditional installkernel, or
- systemd's kernel-install

In sys-kernel/installkernel versions lower then 20, systemd's kernel-install
would default to the layout used for systemd-boot (layout=bls). To improve
backwards compatibility with the traditional installkernel this is no longer
the case in versions 20 and up. Instead the default layout setting when no other
USE flags are enabled is a compatibility layout similar to the traditional
installkernel (layout=compat).

User Action Required (systemd-boot users)

Users of systemd-boot should:
- enable the "systemd-boot" USE flag
when upgrading to >=sys-kernel/installkernel-20.

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Posted By: Andrew Ammerlaan