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Exim>=4.94 transports: tainted not permitted - 04/05/2021 00:00 GMT

The Message Transfer Agent Exim disallows tainted variables in transport
configurations since version 4.94.  Existing exim.conf configurations
in /etc/exim need to be reviewed for breakage prior to upgrading to
 >=mail-mta/exim-4.94 to avoid error conditions at runtime.

Since the release of Exim-4.94, transports refuse to use tainted data in
constructing a delivery location.  If you use this in your transports,
your configuration will break, causing errors and possible downtime.

Particularly, the use of $local_part in any transport, should likely be
updated with $local_part_data.  Check your local_delivery transport,
which historically used $local_part.

Unfortunately there is not much documentation on "tainted" data for
Exim[1], and to resolve this, non-official sources need to be used, such
as [2] and [3].


Posted By: Fabian Groffen