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X.Org Wii Remote Input Driver



commit 288b04c2315cfcebbefbaccfe73d0f0df10e0fa1
Author: Bryan Gardiner <>
Date: Wed Aug 30 19:03:01 2023 -0700

Fix eutils's removal of EAPI 7 for xwiimote packages.

commit 685776d1e2afea31cbf971eea97707650987900c
Author: Bryan Gardiner <>
Date: Sun Apr 11 18:00:41 2021 -0700

xwiimote ebuilds: bump from EAPI 4 to 7; strip .la files.

commit 25f7dd42eb14916c07ba61667f9868e473aa4be2
Author: Bryan Gardiner <>
Date: Fri Mar 27 18:19:26 2020 -0700

On the second thought, move x11-misc/xwiimote to games-util/xwiimote.

sc-controller is already there, plus the Gentoo repo has with other input
testing tools there.

commit df29403a019d7f3ecf3e7f1760880bfd1b0dbbbf
Author: Bryan Gardiner <>
Date: Thu Mar 26 17:33:16 2020 -0700

Add x11-misc/xwiimote, x11-drivers/xf86-input-xwiimote from maggu2810-overlay.

maggu2810-overlay dropped xf86-input-xwiimote, so I'm adding it and its
dependency xwiimote over here.

This makes a few changes to the ebuilds as we bring them in:
- We move xwiimote from app-misc to x11-misc.
- We bump the git-2 eclass requirement to git-r3, as the former is now gone.
- We drop the ~amd64 and ~x86 keywords, as these are live ebuilds.