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  • opera-93.0.4585.37
    -* amd64
    +proprietary-codecs suid +l10n_bg +l10n_bn +l10n_ca +l10n_cs +l10n_da +l10n_de +l10n_el +l10n_en-GB +l10n_en-US +l10n_es-419 +l10n_es +l10n_fil +l10n_fi +l10n_fr +l10n_hi +l10n_hr +l10n_hu +l10n_id +l10n_it +l10n_ja +l10n_ko +l10n_lt +l10n_lv +l10n_ms +l10n_nb +l10n_nl +l10n_pl +l10n_pt-BR +l10n_pt-PT +l10n_ro +l10n_ru +l10n_sk +l10n_sr +l10n_sv +l10n_sw +l10n_ta +l10n_te +l10n_th +l10n_tr +l10n_uk +l10n_vi +l10n_zh-CN +l10n_zh-TW

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    Overlay: gentoo
  • opera-12.16_p1860-r1
    amd64 x86 ~amd64-fbsd ~x86-fbsd
    elibc_FreeBSD gtk multilib l10n_af l10n_ar l10n_az l10n_be l10n_bg l10n_bn l10n_cnr l10n_cs l10n_da l10n_de l10n_el l10n_en-GB l10n_es-419 l10n_es-ES l10n_et l10n_fa l10n_fi l10n_fr l10n_fr-CA l10n_fy l10n_gd l10n_he l10n_hi l10n_hr l10n_hu l10n_id l10n_it l10n_ja l10n_ka l10n_kk l10n_ko l10n_lt l10n_lv l10n_mk l10n_ms l10n_nb l10n_nl l10n_nn l10n_pa l10n_pl l10n_pt l10n_pt-BR l10n_ro l10n_ru l10n_sk l10n_sr l10n_sv l10n_sw l10n_ta l10n_te l10n_th l10n_tl l10n_tr l10n_uk l10n_ur l10n_uz l10n_vi l10n_zh-CN l10n_zh-TW l10n_zu

    View      Download      Browse     License: OPERA-12 LGPL-2 LGPL-3   
    Overlay: pf4public

Reverse Dependencies

Reverse dependancies are sometimes conditional based on your USE flags, Ebuild version and sometimes other packages. please keep this in mind.