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A Perl CGI for accessing and sharing files, or calendar/addressbooks via WebDAV


  • webdavcgi-0.8.4
    afs kerberos mysql postgres rcs samba +sqlite +suid

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  • webdavcgi-0.8.3
    mysql postgres rcs samba +sqlite +suid vhosts

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# ChangeLog for www-apps/webdavcgi
# Copyright 1999-2015 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/www-apps/webdavcgi/ChangeLog,v 1.8 2015/06/13 17:22:20 dilfridge Exp $

13 Jun 2015; Andreas K. Huettel <>
webdavcgi-0.8.3.ebuild, webdavcgi-0.8.4.ebuild:
The CGI module is no longer part of core Perl and has been moved to dev-perl

10 Aug 2014; Sergei Trofimovich <> webdavcgi-0.8.3.ebuild,
QA: drop trailing '.' from DESCRIPTION

29 Jul 2014; Mikle Kolyada <> webdavcgi-0.8.3.ebuild,
perl-core/Module-Load virtual/perl-Module-Load

*webdavcgi-0.8.4 (30 Mar 2013)

30 Mar 2013; Christian Affolter <>
+webdavcgi-0.8.4.ebuild, +files/apache-webdavcgi-0.8-example.conf,
Version bump to 0.8.4. Complete rewrite with droped webapp eclass, as there's
no need to install WebDAV CGI via webapp-config. All the files can be
centrally installed and shared by multiple instances, without a single file
residing within the web server's document root.

17 Mar 2013; Markos Chandras <> metadata.xml:
Add proxy-maintainers to metadata.xml

14 Jan 2013; Tiziano Müller <> webdavcgi-0.8.3.ebuild:
Reintroduce the WEBDAVWRAPPER variable as initially present to make it
configureable in the next version. Thanks to Christian Affolter (ebuild
maintainer) for all the work and testing.

11 Jan 2013; Tiziano Müller <> metadata.xml:
Add missing upstream remote-ids.

*webdavcgi-0.8.3 (11 Jan 2013)

11 Jan 2013; Tiziano Müller <>
+files/0.8.3-logout-var-expansion.patch, +files/postinstall-en.txt,
+files/postinstall-webdavwrapper-en.txt, +files/reconfig,
+files/reconfig-suid, +metadata.xml, +webdavcgi-0.8.3.ebuild:
Initial commit, required for www-apps/webdavcgi.