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Linux-Mips GIT sources for MIPS-based machines, dated 20150830


  • mips-sources-4.2.0
    -* ~mips
    cobalt ip27 ip28 ip30 symlink build

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  • mips-sources-4.1.6
    -* ~mips
    cobalt ip27 ip28 ip30 symlink build

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# ChangeLog for sys-kernel/mips-sources
# Copyright 1999-2015 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/sys-kernel/mips-sources/ChangeLog,v 1.156 2015/05/04 02:20:58 kumba Exp $

*mips-sources-4.0.1 (04 May 2015)
*mips-sources-3.19.6 (04 May 2015)

04 May 2015; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-3.19.ebuild,
+mips-sources-3.19.6.ebuild, +mips-sources-4.0.1.ebuild:
Bump to 3.19.6 and import 4.0.1.

*mips-sources-3.19 (16 Feb 2015)

16 Feb 2015; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-3.18.5.ebuild,
+mips-sources-3.19.ebuild, -files/eblits/show_ip27_info-v2.eblit,
+files/eblits/show_ip27_info-v3.eblit, -files/eblits/src_unpack-v4.eblit,
Update to 3.19.0 and linux-mips-git 20150215. Update IP27 show_info to warn
of random BUG() under heavy disk I/O.

*mips-sources-3.18.5 (01 Feb 2015)

01 Feb 2015; Joshua Kinard <> +mips-sources-3.18.5.ebuild,
Update to 3.18.5, fix compile failure in IP27 RTC platform driver, update to
linux-mips-git 20150130.

21 Jan 2015; Patrick Lauer <> metadata.xml:
Remove unneded useflag description from metadata.xml

*mips-sources-3.18.3 (18 Jan 2015)

18 Jan 2015; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-3.9.11.ebuild, -mips-sources-3.10.4.ebuild,
+mips-sources-3.18.3.ebuild, -files/eblits/show_ip22_info-v1.eblit,
-files/eblits/show_ip27_info-v1.eblit, +files/eblits/show_ip27_info-v2.eblit,
-files/eblits/show_ip30_info-v1.eblit, -files/eblits/show_ip30_info-v2.eblit,
+files/eblits/show_ip30_info-v3.eblit, -files/eblits/show_ip32_info-v1.eblit,
-files/eblits/src_unpack-v2.eblit, -files/eblits/src_unpack-v3.eblit,
+files/eblits/src_unpack-v4.eblit, metadata.xml:
Update to 3.18.3, and all older ebuilds and associated eblits removed. Octane
(IP30) support returns in this release, with some caveats. Origin/Onyx2
(IP27) support has been fixed up, and other hardware is known to work, with
the exception of IP22, IP28, and Cobalt, which have not been tested in some

*mips-sources-3.10.4 (29 Jul 2013)

29 Jul 2013; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-3.10.1.ebuild,
Update to 3.10.4.

*mips-sources-3.10.1 (22 Jul 2013)
*mips-sources-3.9.11 (22 Jul 2013)

22 Jul 2013; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-3.4.24.ebuild,
-mips-sources-3.6.11.ebuild, -mips-sources-3.7.1.ebuild,
+mips-sources-3.9.11.ebuild, +mips-sources-3.10.1.ebuild, metadata.xml:
Update to 3.9.11/3.10.1. All use git pull from linux-mips 20130721. Minor
Octane hacks added by J. Pendergrass, but still needs additional work to

09 Jun 2013; Mike Frysinger <> metadata.xml:
Add upstream CPE tag (security info) from ChromiumOS.

09 Mar 2013; Tom Wijsman <> mips-sources-,
mips-sources-3.4.24.ebuild, mips-sources-3.6.11.ebuild,
EAPI 5. Kernel sources and (gen)patches now use xz instead of bz2. Bug

*mips-sources-3.7.1 (27 Dec 2012)
*mips-sources-3.6.11 (27 Dec 2012)
*mips-sources-3.4.24 (27 Dec 2012)

27 Dec 2012; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-3.4.19.ebuild,
+mips-sources-3.4.24.ebuild, -mips-sources-3.6.7.ebuild,
+mips-sources-3.6.11.ebuild, +mips-sources-3.7.1.ebuild:
Update to 3.4.24/3.6.11 and add 3.7.1. All use git pull from linus-mips

*mips-sources-3.6.7 (23 Nov 2012)
*mips-sources-3.4.19 (23 Nov 2012)

23 Nov 2012; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-3.4.14.ebuild,
+mips-sources-3.4.19.ebuild, -mips-sources-3.5.7.ebuild,
-mips-sources-3.6.2.ebuild, +mips-sources-3.6.7.ebuild:
Updates; drop 3.5.7 and update to 3.4.19/3.6.7. Use git pull from linux-mips
20121123 as well.

*mips-sources-3.6.2 (21 Oct 2012)
*mips-sources-3.5.7 (21 Oct 2012)
*mips-sources-3.4.14 (21 Oct 2012)

21 Oct 2012; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-3.0.9-r1.ebuild,
-mips-sources-3.1.6.ebuild, +mips-sources-3.4.14.ebuild,
+mips-sources-3.5.7.ebuild, +mips-sources-3.6.2.ebuild:
Updates; drop 3.2.21, 3.3.8, and 3.4.4. Replace with 3.4.14, 3.5.7, and

13 Apr 2012; Ulrich Müller <> mips-sources-3.0.9-r1.ebuild,
Move EAPI assignment to top of ebuild, bug 411875.

*mips-sources-3.1.6 (02 Jan 2012)
*mips-sources-3.0.9-r1 (02 Jan 2012)

02 Jan 2012; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-3.0.9.ebuild,
+mips-sources-3.0.9-r1.ebuild, -mips-sources-3.1.5.ebuild,
Update the multicast patch in 3.0.9 to the one that was accepted by net-dev
and removed the cleanups patch. Ditto for 3.1.x, and update to 3.1.6.

*mips-sources-3.1.5 (17 Dec 2011)
*mips-sources-3.0.9 (17 Dec 2011)

17 Dec 2011; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-3.0.4.ebuild,
+mips-sources-3.0.9.ebuild, +mips-sources-3.1.5.ebuild:
Bump to 3.0.9 and add 3.1.5. Include new patchsets for both that fix an issue
in SGI IP32 where ICMPv6 neighbor discovery didn't work.

*mips-sources-3.0.4 (04 Sep 2011)

04 Sep 2011; Joshua Kinard <>
+files/eblits/show_ip22_info-v3.eblit, +files/eblits/show_ip30_info-v2.eblit,
+files/eblits/show_ip32_info-v3.eblit, +files/eblits/src_unpack-v3.eblit,
-files/eblits/show_ip22_info-v2.eblit, -files/eblits/show_ip32_info-v2.eblit,
-files/eblits/src_unpack-v1.eblit, -mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, -mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, -mips-sources-2.6.37.ebuild,
+mips-sources-3.0.4.ebuild, metadata.xml:
Add mips-sources-3.0.4, and remove old ebuilds and associated eblits.

25 Apr 2011; Ulrich Mueller <> mips-sources-,
mips-sources-, mips-sources-,
mips-sources-, mips-sources-,
Remove redundant PROVIDE line, virtual/linux-sources is already provided via
kernel-2.eclass, bug 118442.

19 Mar 2011; Samuli Suominen <>
mips-sources-, mips-sources-,
mips-sources-, mips-sources-,
mips-sources-, mips-sources-2.6.37.ebuild:
Remove virtual/alsa.

*mips-sources-2.6.37 (07 Feb 2011)

07 Feb 2011; Joshua Kinard <> +mips-sources-2.6.37.ebuild:
Add mips-sources-2.6.37.

*mips-sources- (07 Feb 2011)
*mips-sources- (07 Feb 2011)

07 Feb 2011; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-,
+mips-sources-, -mips-sources-2.6.36.ebuild,
Security updates to mips-sources.

28 Nov 2010; Robin H. Johnson <> Manifest:
Update Manifest for deblob 2.6.36.

*mips-sources-2.6.36 (16 Nov 2010)
*mips-sources- (16 Nov 2010)
*mips-sources- (16 Nov 2010)

16 Nov 2010; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-2.6.34.ebuild,
+mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
Updated 2.6.34 to and added ebuilds for and 2.6.36.
Octane is still broke as-of these releases and no ETA is set yet for its

03 Aug 2010; Robin H. Johnson <> Manifest:
kernel-2 deblob support for 2.6.35; bug #324505: deblob-check usage.

*mips-sources-2.6.34 (07 Jun 2010)

07 Jun 2010; Joshua Kinard <>
+files/eblits/show_ip22_info-v2.eblit, -mips-sources-,
+mips-sources-2.6.34.ebuild, +files/eblits/show_ip32_info-v2.eblit,
Update to 2.6.34. Octane support is actually marked as testing in this
release (persuant to the last log entry). The patches apply, but have not
been built. New patches are in the works, as time permits. Current hold-up
is a lockup in the 8250 Serial Core when the system boots. This release
also adds an experimental RTC Driver for SGI O2 systems and their
Dallas/Maxim DS1685/DS1687 timekeeping chips. Slated to be submitted
upstream soon.

26 Apr 2010; Robin H. Johnson <> metadata.xml:
Update Manifest for deblob support in kernel-2 eclass.

*mips-sources- (13 Feb 2010)

13 Feb 2010; Joshua Kinard <>
mips-sources-, mips-sources-,
mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to Octane support is disabled as of this release, and
may not return. Testing on 2.6.32 will determine. Also fixed spacing
issues in the ebuilds.

10 Jan 2010; Tomáš Chvátal <>
mips-sources-, mips-sources-,
QA: non-maintainer commit. Fix metadata invariancy issues. Per bug

*mips-sources- (11 Apr 2009)
*mips-sources- (11 Apr 2009)
*mips-sources- (11 Apr 2009)

11 Apr 2009; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-2.6.29-r1.ebuild, +mips-sources-
Update to, and add in patches to address a problem on o32
binaries with the llseek() system call.

*mips-sources-2.6.29-r1 (25 Mar 2009)

25 Mar 2009; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-2.6.29.ebuild,
Add a quick fix to 2.6.29 to revert a patch in upstream that causes the
networking stack to slowly die.

*mips-sources-2.6.29 (24 Mar 2009)
*mips-sources- (24 Mar 2009)
*mips-sources- (24 Mar 2009)

24 Mar 2009; Joshua Kinard <>
+files/eblits/src_unpack-v2.eblit, metadata.xml,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
Update to,, and add the newly-released 2.6.29 ebuild,
plus an updated src_unpack eblit to factor in a new local USE flag --
impactdebug. USE 'impactdebug' will apply a patch that enables a
very-early, direct framebuffer device for Octane and IP28 systems that
have an ImpactSR or SolidImpact graphics boardset. It is useful for
debugging kernel problems that occur before the console or serial drivers
are ready.

22 Mar 2009; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to and, and include some ext4 fixes from
gentoo-sources/lkml, and build fixes from linux-mips.

*mips-sources- (18 Mar 2009)
*mips-sources- (18 Mar 2009)

18 Mar 2009; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to and to (lots of ext4

*mips-sources- (16 Mar 2009)
*mips-sources- (16 Mar 2009)

16 Mar 2009; Joshua Kinard <>
+files/eblits/pkg_setup-v1.eblit, +files/eblits/show_cobalt_info-v1.eblit,
+files/eblits/show_ip32_info-v1.eblit, +files/eblits/src_unpack-v1.eblit,
-mips-sources-, -mips-sources-,
+mips-sources-, -mips-sources-,
Modernize mips-sources to use eblit micronization technology and the newer
kernel-2 eclass. Guaranteed to be smaller and shinier! Also pull in a
newer snapshot from linux-mips git, change the format of the mips-sources
patch tarball to reduce its overall size and conform to kernel-2 usage,
and update 2.6.27 to latest patch revision.

*mips-sources- (23 Feb 2009)

23 Feb 2009; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources- -->

*mips-sources- (15 Feb 2009)

15 Feb 2009; Joshua Kinard <> -mips-sources-2.6.28.ebuild,
Update 2.6.28 to

09 Jan 2009; Joshua Kinard <>
mips-sources-, mips-sources-,
Fix up some variables with quotes.

*mips-sources-2.6.28 (08 Jan 2009)
*mips-sources- (08 Jan 2009)

08 Jan 2009; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
Update to and add a 2.6.28 ebuild.

*mips-sources- (17 Dec 2008)

17 Dec 2008; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, -mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, -mips-sources-,
Remove several old versions, except the last properly-working one on IP28,
and bump to This should also support IP28 fairly well,
so will be removed soon.

*mips-sources- (09 Dec 2008)

09 Dec 2008; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

*mips-sources- (16 Nov 2008)

16 Nov 2008; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

*mips-sources- (30 Oct 2008)

30 Oct 2008; Joshua Kinard <>
Update mips-sources to Tested on IP27, IP28, IP30, & IP32, but
not on IP22 or cobalt systems.

22 Aug 2008; Doug Goldstein <> metadata.xml:
add GLEP 56 USE flag desc from use.local.desc

*mips-sources- (28 May 2008)

28 May 2008; Joshua Kinard <>
Update mips-sources to Tested on IP32 and IP30, but IP22, IP27,
and cobalt need testing, and IP28 is not supported in this release.

*mips-sources- (10 Feb 2008)

10 Feb 2008; Joshua Kinard <>
mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Make stable, and import

*mips-sources- (03 Sep 2007)
*mips-sources- (03 Sep 2007)

03 Sep 2007; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, -mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
Removed 2.6.16.* and 2.6.17.* ebuilds; Upgraded 2.6.20 to .18 from .14;
Added to unstable for testing. Also tweaked pkg_setup to allow for
marking of machines as needing 'testing' -- that is, booting on real
hardware, as I can't always test each machine that I forward-port the
patches for.

*mips-sources- (14 Jun 2007)

14 Jun 2007; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

*mips-sources- (09 Jun 2007)

09 Jun 2007; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

20 May 2007; Joshua Kinard <>
Update the patchset with a patch to bring the uber experimental IP32 R10k
support up to par, as well as update the info text of the various machines.
No rev bump needed as no sane person should be using the IP32 R10k system

19 May 2007; Joshua Kinard <>
Mark as stable on mips. It is time.

*mips-sources- (09 May 2007)

09 May 2007; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

*mips-sources- (30 Apr 2007)

30 Apr 2007; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to to fix several new security issues. IP28
support has been enabled for this revission too, however it may be flakey.
Problems should be filed at Bugzilla.

*mips-sources- (16 Apr 2007)
*mips-sources- (16 Apr 2007)
*mips-sources- (16 Apr 2007)

16 Apr 2007; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to a newer snapshot from linux-mips git and fix the IP27
patches so that they actually apply. IP28 is still broke, however. Also
update -> and ->, and provide newer
snapshots for them as well, plus a squashfs update for 2.6.16.

*mips-sources- (14 Apr 2007)

14 Apr 2007; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

*mips-sources- (7 Apr 2007)

7 Apr 2007; Joshua Kinard <>
So after several versions of silence, mips-sources returns to life with the
introduction of an ebuild for This release contains an enhancement
for IP22's scsi driver which may help boost speed. It also alters IP32's
build methology again -- CONFIG_BUILD_ELF64 is now dead and removed from
Kconfig, however the vmlinux.32 target will still be used, and a new
revision of the squashfs patch has been added. The only downside is IP28
support has been disabled until new patches for it are available. Forward
porting the existing patches is improbable due to changes from using
CPHYSADDR to a new __pa() macro. IP27 support is untested, but assumed to
work until determined otherwise (due to a lack of hardware).

05 Sep 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, mips-sources-,
Removed 2.6.15-r2, Marked stable on mips.

*mips-sources- (29 Aug 2006)

29 Aug 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to ( has an unresolved build-time error).

*mips-sources- (27 Jul 2006)
*mips-sources- (27 Jul 2006)

27 Jul 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to and to This includes some
newer patches to fix up IP27 support a little, and one or two generic

*mips-sources- (06 Jul 2006)

06 Jul 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
mips-sources-, mips-sources-
The 1.22 version of generic-patches tarball got damaged in getting out to
the mirrors, so rather than wait for that to be cleared, 1.23 is being
uploaded instead and all versions will reference it. Also updated
to pull in the squashfs patch and a hack to allow 64bit kernel builds on

*mips-sources- (03 Jul 2006)
*mips-sources- (03 Jul 2006)

03 Jul 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
mips-sources-, -mips-sources-,
+mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to, import, and mask 2.6.15-r7 for all
systems except IP22, as this is the last known kernel that worked on IP22 in
64bit mode. and include SquashFS for the first time, as
well as being the barrier between linuxthreads and nptl support. This means
2.6.17 is enabled only in the 2006.1 nptl sub-profiles, and masked in all
other profiles. It is intended to be used with a transitional
linuxthreads->nptl userland, as linuxthreads support will die with 2.6.16*.

*mips-sources- (07 Jun 2006)

07 Jun 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

*mips-sources- (21 May 2006)

21 May 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

*mips-sources- (11 May 2006)

11 May 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to, and stable 2.6.16.*

*mips-sources- (04 May 2006)

04 May 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

27 Apr 2006; Alec Warner <>
files/digest-mips-sources-, Manifest:
Fixing SHA256 digest, pass four

*mips-sources- (25 Apr 2006)

25 Apr 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

*mips-sources- (21 Apr 2006)

21 Apr 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

16 Apr 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
Add a dependency for >=gcc-3.4.6 on

*mips-sources- (13 Apr 2006)
*mips-sources- (13 Apr 2006)

13 Apr 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
We forgot to remove a reference to 'soft_cursor' in the Octane Odyssey video
driver, triggering a compile failure.

*mips-sources- (12 Apr 2006)

12 Apr 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

*mips-sources- (11 Apr 2006)

11 Apr 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Update to

*mips-sources- (11 Apr 2006)

11 Apr 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Remove, and import

*mips-sources- (02 Apr 2006)

02 Apr 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.4.31-r1.ebuild, -mips-sources-,
Removed 2.4.31 -- this terminates support for the 2.4 kernel series on all
Gentoo-supported MIPS systems. Also update 2.6.15 to the .7 release from .4.
2.6.16 import is forth coming.

*mips-sources- (19 Feb 2006)
*mips-sources- (19 Feb 2006)

19 Feb 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, -mips-sources-,
+mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Another long-awaited mips-sources update. This removes, and adds in is also imported with newer ebuild code to handle when a
particular machine is known to fail for a given release. also gets
cobalt support working again, and includes a highly expermental patch for
those interested in working on R10K-based SGI O2 systems.

*mips-sources- (13 Jan 2006)

13 Jan 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Another 2.6.14 stable bump, this time to .6. Patches several security flaws
from upstream, and incorporates a fix for Octane to fix a keyboard detection
issue that was reported.

*mips-sources- (03 Jan 2006)

03 Jan 2006; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Bump to to plug a number of security holes, plug a compile error on
IP30 (Bug #116368), and roll in a new IP28 patchset that fixes some IMpactSR
DMA issues.

20 Dec 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
Minor tweaks to change CVSDATE to GITDATE, and use newer rev of mips-sources
patchball due to a bug in one patch that resulted in patch failure.

*mips-sources- (20 Dec 2005)
*mips-sources- (20 Dec 2005)

20 Dec 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-, -mips-sources-,
+mips-sources-, +mips-sources-
Import and Removing as IP27 now works in both
2.6.13/2.6.14. also brings in X support for the Impact card in IP28
(Indigo2 Impact) systems.

*mips-sources- (16 Oct 2005)

16 Oct 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
+mips-sources-2.4.31-r1.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.31.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.10-r4.ebuild, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-2.6.12.ebuild, +mips-sources-
Import new kernel versions: for ip22, ip28, ip30, and ip32;;
for ip27 ( has major PCI issues on ip27); Also updated 2.4.31 for ip22
w/ a patch that allows use of the RJ-45 port on Challenge S.

*mips-sources-2.6.12 (05 Jul 2005)

05 Jul 2005; Joshua Kinard <> +mips-sources-2.6.12.ebuild,
Added 2.6.12 final. Includes a number of enhancements: Octane (IP30) users
will discover qla1280 support and VPro support; O2 (IP32) users will notice
slightly increased scsi; and Origin (IP27) users will discover sources that
*gasp* actually work! (dramatic cue).

*mips-sources-2.4.31 (11 Jun 2005)

11 Jun 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.4.28-r2.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.31.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.10-r3.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.10-r4.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.12_rc2-r2.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.12_rc3-r1.ebuild,
New ebuilds: dropped 2.4.28 due to age and replaced it with 2.4.31 for IP22
systems only. revbumped 2.6.10 to plug some security holes (CAN-2005-1041,
CAN-2005-1265, CAN-2005-1589, etc..), and added a new ebuild for 2.6.12-rc6.

19 May 2005; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.6.10-r3.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.6.12_rc2-r2.ebuild, mips-sources-2.6.12_rc3-r1.ebuild:
For 2.6 ebuilds, provide virtual/alsa.

*mips-sources-2.6.12_rc2-r2 (18 May 2005)

18 May 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.6.10-r2.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.10-r3.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.12_rc2-r1.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.12_rc2-r2.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.12_rc3-r1.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.12_rc3.ebuild:
Patch the 2.6 sources up a little bit. Add in a patch to finally nail that
annoying gbefb typo that kills IP32 builds, a couple security patches
(CAN-2005-1263/1264/1368), and a new CVS diff for 2.6.12-rc3.

*mips-sources-2.6.12_rc3 (01 May 2005)

01 May 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
Import of an ebuild for 2.6.12-rc3

*mips-sources-2.6.12_rc2-r1 (25 Apr 2005)

25 Apr 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
+mips-sources-2.6.12_rc2-r1.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.12_rc2.ebuild:
The patch for IP28 was b0rked, and we had an incredibly stupid typo in the
ebuild. The kind that gets you laughed at by even novice bash coders.

*mips-sources-2.4.28-r2 (23 Apr 2005)

23 Apr 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.4.27-r8.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.28-r1.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.28-r2.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.10-r1.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.10-r2.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.12_rc1.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.12_rc2.ebuild, -mips-sources-,
* Removed 2.4.27,, and 2.6.9 ebuilds due to age and number of open
security bugs
* Added ebuild for 2.6.12-rc2 from CVS 20050423
* Added IP27 support to 2.6.12-rc2
* Forward ported IP28 patch from 2.6.10 to 2.6.12-rc2
* Resolved the Following Security Issues:
* 2.4.28 - CAN-2005-0209 (#81195), CAN-2005-0384 (#82201),
CAN-2005-0449 (#81195), CAN-2004-1333 (#78362), CAN-2004-1335 (#78363),
NTFS DoS (#81106), VFS Range Check (#81295)
* 2.6.10 - CAN-2005-0209 (#81195), CAN-2005-0210 (#85478),
CAN-2005-0384 (#82201), CAN-2005-0400 (#86258), CAN-2005-0449 (#81195),
CAN-2005-0529 (#82141), CAN-2005-0530 (#82141), CAN-2005-0531 (#82141),
CAN-2005-0532 (#82141), CAN-2005-0736 (#85385), CAN-2005-0749 (#86783),
CAN-2005-0750 (#86638), CAN-2005-0815 (#86784), CAN-2005-0839 (#87534),
CAN-2005-0867 (#88740), CAN-2005-0916 (#87913), CAN-2005-0937 (#87573),
Local DoS/tmpfs (#87536), Rose & SCSI/Tape (#85795), NTFS DoS (#81106),
nfsacl Remote DoS (#74070)
* 2.6.12-rc2 - nfsacl Remote DoS (#74070)
* Misc. ebuild tweaks and cleanups

26 Mar 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
Drop cgs' dallas 1-wire NIC patch for now -- it needs more work.

*mips-sources-2.6.12_rc1 (24 Mar 2005)

24 Mar 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
Adding a 2.6.12-rc1 ebuild because of the constantly changing version of
2.6.11.x. Includes updated Octane support (w/ SMP), remaining cobalt bits that
have yet to be merged, and an experimental mips nptl patch for testing
purposes. IP28 support is not available in this release, though.

06 Feb 2005; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.28-r1.ebuild,
Marked 2.6.10-r1 unstable, 2.4.28-r1 stable.

*mips-sources-2.4.28-r1 (18 Jan 2005)

18 Jan 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.4.27-r7.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.27-r8.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.28-r1.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.28.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.10-r1.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.10.ebuild,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-2.6.9-r8.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.9-r9.ebuild:
Many more fun changes. New here is support in 2.6.10 for the SGI IP28 machine
(Indigo2 Impact R10000), courtesy of Peter Fuerst's work. See the 2.6.10
ebuild for URL and information regarding this support, which is experimental.
Also included are a number of security patches, including CAN-2005-0001, and
CAN-2004-1235. Specific Gentoo Bug numbers are as follows: 77025, 77094,
75963, 77666, & 77923. Structural changes have been made to the 2.6.10 ebuild
as well, and cobalt patches are no longer bundled in an external tarball, but
are included in mips-sources_generic-patches now.

*mips-sources-2.4.28 (06 Jan 2005)

06 Jan 2005; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.4.26-r14.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.27-r6.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.27-r7.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.28.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.10.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.7-r12.ebuild,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-2.6.9-r7.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.9-r8.ebuild:
More changes (as usual). Mainly security updates - added CAN-2004-1068,
CAN-2004-1069, CAN-2004-1016, CAN-2004-1056, CAN-1004-1137, plus a non-CAN
shm_unlock patch for 2.6. Also included are new ebuilds for 2.6.10 and 2.4.28,
and removed 2.6.7 and 2.4.26 ebuilds. 2.6.10 no longer uses individual cobalt
patches -- all have been lumped into a single patch similar to IP30/Octane
support, and added code to 2.6.10's ebuild to use RC-kernels when needed via
variable switch. See the following gentoo bugs: 72317, 72452, 74384, 74392,
74464, 74465.

*mips-sources- (03 Dec 2004)

03 Dec 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.4.26-r13.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.26-r14.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.4.27-r5.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.27-r6.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.7-r11.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.7-r12.ebuild,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-2.6.9-r6.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.9-r7.ebuild:
*more* security fixes. This time, it's CAN-2004-1074. See Bug #72452. Bumped

*mips-sources-2.6.9-r6 (01 Dec 2004)

01 Dec 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.4.26-r12.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.26-r13.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.4.27-r4.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.27-r5.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.7-r10.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.7-r11.ebuild,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-2.6.9-r5.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.9-r6.ebuild:
More security updates (yay). Added patch to fix a kernel memory modification
vuln (Bug #72317). Bumped SECPATCHVER to 1.7.

*mips-sources-2.4.27-r4 (01 Dec 2004)

01 Dec 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.4.26-r11.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.26-r12.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.4.27-r3.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.27-r4.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.7-r10.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.7-r9.ebuild,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-2.6.9-r4.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.9-r5.ebuild:
Security updates again; CAN-2004-0814 had a newer patch to be applied to 2.4.*
and 2.6.7/ Also included an updated patch for the binfmt_elf vuln.
SECPATCHVER bumped to 1.6.

27 Nov 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.6.9-r4.ebuild:
Tested to work (for the most part) on IP22, works well for Cobalt, and
required for IP32/IP30 support. All in all, finally ready for unstable.

*mips-sources-2.4.26-r11 (26 Nov 2004)

26 Nov 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.4.26-r10.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.26-r11.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.4.27-r2.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.27-r3.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.7-r8.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.7-r9.ebuild,
-mips-sources-, +mips-sources-,
-mips-sources-2.6.9-r3.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.9-r4.ebuild:
Bumped SECPATCHVER to 1.5. Includes fix for CAN-2004-0883 and a mips-specific
ptrace vuln.

*mips-sources- (13 Nov 2004)

13 Nov 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.4.25-r9.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.26-r10.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.4.26-r9.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.27-r1.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.27-r2.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.4-r9.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.6-r9.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.7-r7.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.7-r8.ebuild, -mips-sources-,
+mips-sources-, -mips-sources-2.6.9-r2.ebuild,
Security Updates and housecleaning. Removed 2.4.25, 2.6.4, & 2.6.6 ebuilds.
Security patchball has fixes for CAN-2004-0814 and CAN-2004-0816, plus a
remote DDoS and race conditions in binfmt_elf. Misc. patches include new
ramdisk code for arch/mips/ramdisk/*, spelling tweak to RM52xx CPU in Kconfig,
and a new gbefb patch from onion2(

*mips-sources-2.6.9-r2 (02 Nov 2004)

02 Nov 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
mips-sources-, -mips-sources-2.6.9-r1.ebuild,
Added a patch for 2.6.9 that allows for Linux on Octane (IP30, 'Speedracer').
This also fixes the 2.6.9-r1 bad digests (finally), and cleans's
ebuild up a bit.

29 Oct 2004; Joshua Kinard <> :
Tweaked the prologue patch in the generic patch tarball.

*mips-sources-2.6.9-r1 (29 Oct 2004)

29 Oct 2004; Joshua Kinard <> +mips-sources-2.6.9-r1.ebuild,
Added revised 2.6.9 ebuild with better patches. One fixes the prologue code
issue again for gcc-3.4.x, another patch for livecd testing only adds in
CDROM partition support (this is extremely experimental), and a gbefb typo

23 Oct 2004; Joshua Kinard <> :
Digest fix

*mips-sources-2.6.9 (21 Oct 2004)

21 Oct 2004; Joshua Kinard <> +mips-sources-2.6.9.ebuild:
New version - Contains known fixes for many things, including functional IP22
(Indy/Indigo2 support (including ip22zilog), big changes in IP32 code,
gcc-3.4.x fixes, and various other tweaks.

*mips-sources-2.4.26-r9 (29 Sep 2004)

29 Sep 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
-files/misc-2.6-iptables_headers.patch, -mips-sources-2.4.25-r8.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.25-r9.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.26-r8.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.26-r9.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.27-r1.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.4.27.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.4-r8.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.4-r9.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.6-r8.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.6-r9.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.7-r6.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.7-r7.ebuild, +mips-sources-,
Yet another overhaul. Removed all files except digests from FILESDIR and put
them into a generic patches tarball pulled off the mirrors by the ebuilds.
Also a brand-spankin' new ebuild for that includes a bunch of patches
and backports from linux-mips CVS (which will be in 2.6.9). Fixes for 2.6.8
include ip22zilog finally getting fixed, IP22 64-bit support available, statfs
fixes useful for n32 userland, and patches to allow building of mips kernels
w/ gcc-3.4.x (not for 2.4 kernels, that is forth-coming).

*mips-sources- (14 Aug 2004)

14 Aug 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
+files/misc-2.6-compat_alloc_user_space.patch, +mips-sources-2.4.27.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.7-r5.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.7-r6.ebuild,
Fun fun updates. New ebuilds for 2.4.27 and, pulled from linux-mips
CVS on 18 Aug 2004. Also included a patch from lmo cvs for 2.6.7 that should
fix the ifconfig problem.

*mips-sources-2.6.6-r8 (11 Aug 2004)

11 Aug 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
-mips-sources-2.4.25-r7.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.25-r8.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.4.26-r7.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.26-r8.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.4-r7.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.4-r8.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.6-r5.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.6-r8.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.7-r4.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.7-r5.ebuild:
Security updates (again) - CAN-2004-0685 for 2.4 only, and patches for the
security flaw described in Bug #59905.

*mips-sources-2.6.7-r4 (06 Aug 2004)

06 Aug 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
+files/misc-2.6-force_mouse_detection.patch, -mips-sources-2.4.25-r6.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.25-r7.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.26-r6.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.26-r7.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.4-r6.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.4-r7.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.5-r5.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.6-r4.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.6-r5.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.7-r3.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.7-r4.ebuild:
Another kernel vuln, the patch for this one is a doozy, CAN-2004-0415. Also
pulled 2.6.5 from the tree, but we're keeping 2.6.4 around because it's the
last version that worked on Indigo2 systems. Also included is a patch to force
mouse detection for IP22/IP32 (And possibly others) in 2.6.x.

*mips-sources-2.4.25-r6 (02 Aug 2004)

02 Aug 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
-files/CAN-2004-0109-2.6-iso9660.patch, -files/CAN-2004-0133-xfs_ext3.patch,
-files/CAN-2004-0177-ext3_jbd.patch, -files/CAN-2004-0178-sbblaster.patch,
-files/CAN-2004-0181-2.6-jfs_ext3.patch, -files/CAN-2004-0228-cpufreq.patch,
-files/CAN-2004-0229-fb_copy_cmap.patch, -files/CAN-2004-0394-panic.patch,
-files/CAN-2004-0497-attr_gid.patch, -files/CAN-2004-0535-2.4-e1000.patch,
-files/CAN-2004-0596-2.6-eql.patch, -files/CAN-2004-0626-death_packet.patch,
-mips-sources-2.4.25-r5.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.25-r6.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.4.26-r5.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.26-r6.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.4-r5.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.4-r6.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.5-r4.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.5-r5.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.6-r3.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.6-r4.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.7-r2.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.7-r3.ebuild:
First, was wrong to put compressed files into the tree, thus all
security-related patches have been moved to a patchball on the mirrors, and
2.6 has a newer patch for a /proc issue added in as well. Second, a patch for
2.6.x ebuilds was added to tweak the kernel entry addr for IP32 kernels so
that the arcboot bootloader will actually boot the things.

*mips-sources-2.4.25-r5 (01 Aug 2004)

01 Aug 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
+files/CAN-2004-0497-attr_gid.patch, -mips-sources-2.4.25-r4.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.25-r5.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.26-r3.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.4.26-r4.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.26-r5.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.6.4-r5.ebuild, mips-sources-2.6.5-r4.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.6.6-r3.ebuild, mips-sources-2.6.7-r2.ebuild:
bzipped two large patches to get under the 20KB size limit in the tree, and
added CAN-2004-0497 to the 2.4.x ebuilds.

*mips-sources-2.6.5-r4 (22 Jul 2004)

22 Jul 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
+files/CAN-2004-0497-2.6-attr_gid.patch, +files/CAN-2004-0596-2.6-eql.patch,
-mips-sources-2.6.4-r4.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.4-r5.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.5-r3.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.5-r4.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.6-r2.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.6-r3.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.7-r1.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.7-r2.ebuild:
Added security patches for 2.6.x kernels for the following vulns:
CAN-2004-0495, CAN-2004-0496, CAN-2004-0497, & CAN-2004-0596.

*mips-sources-2.4.26-r4 (13 Jul 2004)

13 Jul 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
New 2.4.26 snapshot from linux-mips CVS.

*mips-sources-2.6.4-r4 (01 Jul 2004)

01 Jul 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
+files/CAN-2004-0495-2.4-sparse.patch, +files/CAN-2004-0535-2.4-e1000.patch,
+files/misc-2.6-iptables_headers.patch, -mips-sources-2.4.25-r3.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.25-r4.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.26-r2.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.26-r3.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.4-r3.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.4-r4.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.5-r2.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.5-r3.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.6-r1.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.6-r2.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.6.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.7-r1.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.7.ebuild:
Security updates; Fixes for sparse/e1000 bugs for 2.4 and the packet of death
for 2.6.

*mips-sources-2.6.7 (23 Jun 2004)

23 Jun 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
+files/mipscvs-2.6.7-maceisa_rtc_irq-fix.patch, +mips-sources-2.6.7.ebuild:
New snapshot for 2.6.7

07 Jun 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.6.6-r1.ebuild:
Change the IP32DIFFDATE back to a known working date.

*mips-sources-2.4.25-r3 (04 Jun 2004)

04 Jun 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
-files/CAN-2003-0961-do_brk.patch, -files/CAN-2003-0985-mremap.patch,
-files/CAN-2004-0010-ncpfs.patch, +files/CAN-2004-0075-2.6-vicam_usb.patch,
-files/CAN-2004-0077-do_munmap.patch, +files/CAN-2004-0133-xfs_ext3.patch,
+files/CAN-2004-0181-2.6-jfs_ext3.patch, +files/CAN-2004-0228-cpufreq.patch,
+files/CAN-2004-0229-fb_copy_cmap.patch, +files/CAN-2004-0394-panic.patch,
-files/mipscvs-2.4.23-no-page-align.patch, -files/rtc-fixes.patch,
-mips-sources-2.4.21-r9.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.22-r12.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.4.23-r8.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.25-r2.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.25-r3.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.26-r1.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.26-r2.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.3-r4.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.4-r2.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.4-r3.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.6.5-r1.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.5-r2.ebuild,
Batch of security updates that apparently got missed. Finally removed
2.4. and 2.6.3 from repository. Added newer 2.6.6 snapshot
(20040406), and marked 2.4.26 stable.

*mips-sources-2.6.6 (10 May 2004)

10 May 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.6.3-r4.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.6.4-r2.ebuild, mips-sources-2.6.5-r1.ebuild,
Adding an ebuild for 2.6.6 sources and some comment fixes in the other 2.6.x

03 May 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.23-r8.ebuild,
Marked stable.

28 Apr 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.26-r1.ebuild:
Removed two lines in the 2.4.26 ebuild that were excluding a patch (debugging
bit I forgot to remove).

*mips-sources-2.4.22-r12 (21 Apr 2004)
*mips-sources-2.4.23-r8 (21 Apr 2004)
*mips-sources-2.4.25-r2 (21 Apr 2004)
*mips-sources-2.4.26-r1 (21 Apr 2004)

21 Apr 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
+files/CAN-2004-0177-ext3_jbd.patch, +files/CAN-2004-0178-sbblaster.patch,
+files/mipscvs-2.6.5-unistd-linkage.patch, -mips-sources-2.4.21-r8.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.21-r9.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.22-r11.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.22-r12.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.23-r7.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.23-r8.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.4.25-r1.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.4.25-r2.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.4.26-r1.ebuild,
-mips-sources-2.4.26.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.3-r3.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.3-r4.ebuild, -mips-sources-2.6.4-r1.ebuild,
+mips-sources-2.6.4-r2.ebuild, +mips-sources-2.6.5-r1.ebuild,
More updates. Two security fixes for 2.4.x sources missed in the last update
round; Updated patches for cobalt support (loadable initrd, d-cache IDE/PIO
fix); Patch for 2.6.5 to fix swap issues; build bug when building 2.6.5 w/
initrd support, and some minor cleanups.

16 Apr 2004; Joshua Kinard <>
Had the wrong patch for 2.6.x for CAN-2004-0109 (ck-sources had this issue
originally). Patch is now the correct one.

*mips-sources-2.4.26 (16 Apr 2004)
*mips-sources-2.4.22-r11 (16 Apr 2004)
*mips-sources-2.4.23-r7 (16 Apr 2004)
*mips-sources-2.4.25-r1 (16 Apr 2004)

16 Apr 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r8.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r11.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.23-r7.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.25-r1.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.26.ebuild,
Adding ebuilds for 2.4.26 from linux-mips CVS. Also some typo fixes in the
other ebuilds.

*mips-sources-2.6.5 (15 Apr 2004)
*mips-sources-2.6.4-r1 (15 Apr 2004)

15 Apr 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r7.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.21-r8.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r10.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r11.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.23-r6.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.23-r7.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.25-r1.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.25.ebuild, mips-sources-2.6.3-r1.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.6.3-r2.ebuild, mips-sources-2.6.3-r3.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.6.3.ebuild, mips-sources-2.6.4-r1.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.6.4.ebuild, mips-sources-2.6.5.ebuild,
Fun fun updates. Added a patch to all ebuilds to patch a security vuln in
isofs (CAN-2004-0109); Added several patches for the various versions to tweak
the flags passed to the linker to request no page alignment. Without this
patch, binutils- and up will produce unbootable kernels. Lastly,
the final patch is for 2.6.5 which is a workaround for a BUG() call generated
in the swap code.

12 Apr 2004; Daniel Ahlberg <>
mips-sources-2.4.22-r10.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.23-r6.ebuild,

13 Mar 2004; Joshua Kinard <> :
Updated 2.6.3 digests due to the 1.1 ver of the cobalt patchset needing a
small tweak

*mips-sources-2.6.4 (13 Mar 2004)

13 Mar 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.6.4.ebuild:
New ebuild for 2.6.4, CVS snapshot dated 20040311. Includes patchsets for
cobalt systems (experimental) and SGI O2.

08 Mar 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.6.3-r1.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.6.3-r2.ebuild, mips-sources-2.6.3.ebuild:
Forgot to set keywords to mask this package (rather experimental)

*mips-sources-2.6.3-r1 (08 Mar 2004)

08 Mar 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.6.3-r1.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.6.3-r2.ebuild, mips-sources-2.6.3.ebuild:
2.6.x versions of mips-sources. Snapshots are from 20040218, 20040301, and
20040305. Cobalt-mips patches are included for eventual usage of 2.6 on Cobalt
microserver systems. The 20040305 ebuild also contains a minimal patchset from
Iluxa that allows proper SGI O2 functionality.

*mips-sources-2.4.22-r10 (18 Feb 2004)

23 Feb 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.25.ebuild,
Just realized the pax patch is way too big for the tree, removed until a more
elegant way of including it can be devised.

*mips-sources-2.4.25 (23 Feb 2004)

23 Feb 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r7.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r10.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.23-r6.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.25.ebuild, files/CAN-2003-0961-do_brk.patch,
files/CAN-2003-0985-mremap.patch, files/CAN-2004-0010-ncpfs.patch,
files/CAN-2004-0077-do_munmap.patch, files/do_brk_fix.patch,
files/mremap-fix-try2.patch, files/pax-linux-2.4.25-200402192035.patch:
More cleanups, mainly in renaming the security-based patches to include their
CVE number for easy reference on their purpose. Also added an ebuild for
2.4.25 kernel, taken from linux-mips CVS on 20040222.

*mips-sources-2.4.23-r6 (18 Feb 2004)

18 Feb 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r4.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.21-r6.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.21-r7.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r10.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r7.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r9.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.23-r3.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.23-r5.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.23-r6.ebuild,
Added a patch to fix a possible kernel vulnerability in do_munmap. Due to this
requiring an ebuild bump, the old sources were all removed and the sources
containing the cobalt patches were bumped up.

*mips-sources-2.4.23-r5 (10 Feb 2004)

10 Feb 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r5.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.21-r6.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r8.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r9.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.23-r4.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.23-r5.ebuild, files/mipscvs-2.4.22-makefile-fix.patch,
Newer ebuilds are cleaned up to look similar between each other, contain newer
cobalt patches, and some other reorganization. Older ebuilds w/ cobalt patches
have been deleted.

*mips-sources-2.4.22-r8 (01 Feb 2004)

01 Feb 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r5.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r8.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.23-r4.ebuild:
Added patches to allow kernels to work properly on cobalt systems

*mips-sources-2.4.23-r3 (19 Jan 2004)

19 Jan 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r3.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.21-r4.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r6.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r7.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.23-r2.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.23-r3.ebuild, files/mremap-fix-try2.patch,
updated the mremap patch

*mips-sources-2.4.21-r3 (05 Jan 2004)

05 Jan 2004; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r2.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.21-r3.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r4.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r5.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r6.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.23-r1.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.23-r2.ebuild,
files/mremap-fix.patch, files/rtc-fixes.patch:
Added a patch to fix a new kernel vunerability for 2.4.21, 2.4.22, and 2.4.23
and added a patch to fix a memory leak in MIPS-related RTC drivers (and the
generic RTC driver, as cobalt uses this). Also removed older ebuilds lacking
aforementioned patches.

17 Dec 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.22-r1.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r2.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r3.ebuild,
Removed 2.4.22-r1 through -r3 ebuilds, and bump 2.4.22-r5 ebuild to mips stable

*mips-sources-2.4.23-r1 (15 Dec 2003)

15 Dec 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.23-r1.ebuild:
New CVS snap from linux-mips CVS dated 20031214 and contains SGI XFS patches

*mips-sources-2.4.22-r4 (02 Dec 2003)

02 Dec 2003; Brian Jackson <> mips-sources-2.4.22-r4.ebuild,
version bump for do_brk vuln

01 Dec 2003; Brian Jackson <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r2.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r1.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r2.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r3.ebuild, files/do_brk_fix.patch:
fix do_brk vuln

*mips-sources-2.4.23 (28 Nov 2003)

28 Nov 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.23.ebuild,
files/mipscvs-2.4.23-makefile-fix.patch: CVS snap containing new 2.4.23 kernel sources

*mips-sources-2.4.22-r3 (15 Oct 2003)

20 Nov 2003; Brandon Low <>
mips-sources-2.4.21-r2.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r1.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r2.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r3.ebuild:
Move version handling logic to after inherit kernel, or insert it where

16 Nov 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r2.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r1.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r2.ebuild,
Did some variable re-ordering to get around correct an issue with newer
kernel.class behavior

16 Oct 2003; Joshua Kinard <>
Typo in patch for mips64 building.

15 Oct 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.22-r3.ebuild,
New CVS snap, dated 20031015. This snapshot allows mips64
kernels to be built and booted on Indy/Indigo2 systems, however this support
is very preliminary. Details on mips64 will be forthcoming.
The SGIWD scsi patch and bigendian byteorder patch are no longer needed in
this release
Lastly, we now install the sources in /usr/src/linux-<version>-<cvsdate>.

*mips-sources-2.4.22-r2 (25 Sep 2003)

25 Sep 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r1.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.21-r2.ebuild, mips-sources-2.4.22-r1.ebuild,
mips-sources-2.4.22-r2.ebuild, files/mips-patches-gcc-makefile-fix.patch,
New CVS snapshot from dated 20030925
Changed the name of a few patches to be more consistent in naming
Removed mips-sources-2.4.21-r1 ebuild/digests
Moved mips-sources-2.4.21-r2 to mips stable

*mips-sources-2.4.22-r1 (26 Aug 2003)

15 Sep 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r2.ebuild,
Added a patch to fix headers for big-endian archs
Changed 2.4.22 kernel to mips stable

10 Sep 2003; Joshua Kinard <> metadata.xml:
Added metadata.xml

30 Aug 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.22-r1.ebuild,
Forgot to add a patch which actually lets the kernel boot. Fixes some issue in
the SGI WD scsi driver.

26 Aug 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.22-r1.ebuild:
New kernel revision for MIPS, 2.4.22 from CVS.
Also made some various tweaks to other ebuilds in this package.

*mips-sources-2.4.21-r2 (04 Aug 2003)

04 Aug 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r2.ebuild,
New snapshot of linux-mips CVS from 20030803
Uses a diff between linux-2.4.21 and mipscvs tree to avoid large tarballs on distfiles-local

*mips-sources-2.4.21-r1 (05 Jul 2003)

04 Aug 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.21-r1.ebuild:
Changed ~mips to mips in KEYWORDS

05 Jul 2003; Joshua Kinard <> :
ebuild for CVS Snapshot (20030705) of kernel, tagged linux_2_4
Removed ebuild for mips-sources-2.4.21_pre4-r1

*mips-sources-2.4.21_pre4-r1 (04 Jul 2003)

04 Jul 2003; Joshua Kinard <> :
Added ebuild for CVS Snapshot (20030703) of kernel, tagged linux_2_4
Includes patch to fix r4k cache handling, and patches for fixing
arch/mips/Makefile depending if the compiler is gcc-3.2 or gcc-3.3

*mips-sources-2.4.19 (22 Jan 2003)

26 Aug 2003; Joshua Kinard <> mips-sources-2.4.19.ebuild
Removed from CVS, as it's old, and outdated for MIPS.

22 Jan 2003; Nicholas Wourms <> :
Initial import. Kernel contains the following patches from the
Debian/MIPS stable kernel sources: