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FFLAS-FFPACK is a LGPL-2.1+ library for dense linear algebra over word-size finite fields.


  • fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r5
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# ChangeLog for sci-libs/fflas-ffpack
# Copyright 1999-2016 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: $

31 Jan 2016; François Bissey <> metadata.xml:
sci-libs/fflas-ffpack: update metadata

23 Jan 2016; François Bissey <>
fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r5.ebuild, files/fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-automake-1.13.patch:
sci-libs/fflas-ffpack: move to EAPI 6, make repoman happy

06 Sep 2015; François Bissey <>
sci-libs/fflas-ffpack: Put AUTOTOOLS* variable before inherit as requested in
the eclass reference

*fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r5 (25 Jun 2015)

25 Jun 2015; François Bissey <>
+fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r5.ebuild, +files/fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-blaslapack-5.patch,
-fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r4.ebuild, -files/fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-blaslapack-4.patch:
Fixing fflas-ffpack-config to have lapack info as intended upstream

*fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r4 (24 Jun 2015)

24 Jun 2015; François Bissey <>
+fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r4.ebuild, +files/fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-blaslapack-4.patch,
-fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r3.ebuild, -files/fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-blaslapack-3.patch:
fflas-ffpack now detects lapack, but by original upstream design will only add
clapack if lapack is from ATLAS and their own detection routines are used.
Currently doesn't record lapack library used possibly a faulty design of the
current patch.

*fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r3 (18 Oct 2012)

18 Oct 2012; François Bissey <>
-fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r2.ebuild, +fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r3.ebuild,
in source build otherwise optimization breaks

13 Oct 2012; François Bissey <>
configure with optimization

*fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r2 (13 Oct 2012)

13 Oct 2012; François Bissey <>
-fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r1.ebuild, +fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r2.ebuild,
disable lapack

*fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r1 (11 Oct 2012)

11 Oct 2012; François Bissey <>
-fflas-ffpack-1.6.0.ebuild, +fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-r1.ebuild,
force rebuild of fflas-ffpack to add proper cblas insertion

08 Oct 2012; François Bissey <>
givaro dep

*fflas-ffpack-1.6.0 (18 Jun 2012)

18 Jun 2012; François Bissey <>
+fflas-ffpack-1.6.0.ebuild, +files/fflas-ffpack-1.6.0-blaslapack.patch,
Get fflas-ffpack for linbox-1.3.2