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Communication program for Texas Instruments calculators


  • tilp2-9999
    nls threads xinerama

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  • tilp2-1.18
    ~amd64 ~ppc ~x86 ~amd64-linux ~x86-linux
    nls static-libs

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commit 3429b4867ae9e48f91af74fa896b4b62f691f708
Author: Yifeng Li <>
Date: Tue May 23 22:04:51 2017 +0800

Switch to https:// instead of git://, improve security

Signed-off-by: Yifeng Li <>

commit 131686f46ec2e4744f9dd03de2ada4bc5415c9e1
Author: Tom Li <>
Date: Tue May 19 17:27:14 2015 +0800

sci-calculators/tilp2: depends on live builds

commit 79425a2195c70f9520946995ce5bab92780330ee
Author: Tom Li <>
Date: Sun May 17 03:27:52 2015 +0800

sci-calculators/tilp2: fix typos.

commit 05297d2e73900dbe606a483c086459d7dab9a59f
Author: Tom Li <>
Date: Sun May 17 03:22:38 2015 +0800

New Packages: add tilp2 and its dependencies.

tilp2 is a program to connect TI calculators. It hasn't released
a version for years, multiple issues have caused the program almost no
longer functioning.

Now, debrouxl is maintaining them on GitHub, and I picked them to allow
us to continue using them.