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Runs multiple instances of dnscrypt-proxy



commit 40fe860a53f36aae8dd57732f29451dff2cb05a8
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Sat Jul 23 18:48:55 2022 +0800

net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy-multi: Add dev-ruby/net-ping to chroot setup targets

Package-Manager: Portage-3.0.30, Repoman-3.0.3

commit c10ceea70a8397ff8f83eb773c7780a23907e58f
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Fri Jul 22 15:07:16 2022 +0800

*/*: EAPI 5 to 6

Package-Manager: Portage-3.0.30, Repoman-3.0.3

commit 520d556e5434a22ab98d407d3a16b4e247765b37
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 22:15:50 2022 +0800

*/*: Change http to https in DOCTYPE element

Package-Manager: Portage-3.0.28, Repoman-3.0.3

commit 05f5586a5ca8d50d34df411272fb1dc044686b8a
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Mon Dec 13 15:10:01 2021 +0800

*/*: Specify master branch

Package-Manager: Portage-3.0.28, Repoman-3.0.3

commit c8a85dd4c9c0576e6b38aada654ede32e63e041a
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 02:36:09 2021 +0800

net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy-multi: Use qlist's '-e' option

Package-Manager: Portage-3.0.17, Repoman-3.0.2

commit ebb5431327cd4a254ca9357db1adb87b6734488d
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Sun Mar 14 05:43:12 2021 +0800

net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy-multi: Exclude dnscrypt-proxy-2 as dependency

Package-Manager: Portage-3.0.13, Repoman-3.0.2

commit cc04e471779111867d22c70ac09aa3ac85f6f23d
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Sat Mar 13 21:37:31 2021 +0800

net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy-multi: Update copyright and simplify a bit

Package-Manager: Portage-3.0.13, Repoman-3.0.2

commit 20c5715a437ea40b4abba4c51f4d0eaffe722e85
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Sun Jul 22 23:16:17 2018 +0800

net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy-multi: Update stuff.

- Copying of "isolated" library files that aren't detected by rcopy is
now configurable through CHROOT_SETUP_COPY_LIBNSS_COMPAT and
- We now rely on qlist to know the location of these "isolated" library
files. Because of this, errors related to hardcoded copying of
non-existing files no longer happen, and files that don't have to be
copied because they don't exist and aren't needed by the system are
not "copied".
- Some messages are explicitly wrapped.
- Generation of initial file paths that are passed as arguments to
rcopy is moved to a function.
- A "copying files with rcopy" begin message is added.
- /etc/* files are also copied.
- /sbin/ldconfig is also copied, run, and then removed.
- Information about making syslog work has been revised.
- Changed EGIT_REPO_URI to
- Do not copy bin/(erb|irb|gem|hostip) during setup.

Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.41, Repoman-2.3.9

commit 21137784944d0a9d5e3f1e3df4d6853958f1d5b0
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Sun Jun 11 17:04:48 2017 +0800

Add ~arm to KEYWORDS, and update copyright year.

commit 92ea9cdba42b5521c60ca751d3c39df885510d17
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Sat Oct 22 20:13:00 2016 +0800

net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy-multi: Various updates.


- Corrected default value of PRIVILEGE_DROP_MODE in config, which should
be 'chroot'.
- Values with defaults in conf.d files have been commented-out. This
helps modifications easy to trace when they are made.
- PID_FILE is no longer configurable in *.confd.
- Mount info is now stored in /run/$.mounts. When stopping
dnscrypt-proxy-multi-chroot, this file is read, and mounted targets
recorded in it are allows configuration to be changed without having
to worry about parameter inconsistencies when the service is stopped.
A new function named _unmount_mounts() is added for this.
- _call() is now more verbose.
- _non_verbose_eerror() has been added and used in parts that use
- _mount() has been enhanced.
- _cleanup_pid_file() has been removed since it's not necessary.
- _cleanup_chroot() has been removed since _unmount_mounts() is the only
function needed.
- Some other fixes and enhancements.

Package-Manager: portage-2.3.2

commit 2cf3cee6027170153d345fa09b0dffdbd712fb75
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Thu Oct 13 14:41:11 2016 +0800

net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy-multi: Set minimum required net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy version to 1.7.0.

commit 220d4012cf95969828ff7e6513232757cd9f9eb0
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Sat Jul 2 13:44:55 2016 +0800

Add type attributes to manifest elements in all metadata.xml files.

commit e5a469d7f84955b8cedd0754c6588691c5287891
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Wed Jun 22 13:09:44 2016 +0800

net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy-multi: dnscrypt-proxy-multi-chroot was updating resolvers list in reverse.

commit 7aa6a949265e4faf1c0c933132e88e5bb4896f3d
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Mon Jun 6 15:45:52 2016 +0800

net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy-multi: Recommend to explicitly specify CHROOT_RUBY_PACKAGE and CHROOT_RUBY_EXEC.

Also give warnings when they aren't.

commit 70ea7d4cce80daab6f5cf6741c44b6868c880e25
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Thu Jun 2 12:40:06 2016 +0800

net-dns/dncrypt-proxy-multi: Add chroot support.

commit 98a7ca2fb050efdce5512a6a88cc5627c2fc44df
Author: konsolebox <>
Date: Tue May 31 21:21:57 2016 +0800

Add net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy-multi.

Package-Manager: portage-2.2.26