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Set of utilities to manage TV listings stored in the XMLTV format


  • xmltv-0.5.70
    amd64 ~arm ~ppc x86 ~x86-linux
    ar ch_search dk dtvla es_laguiatv eu_dotmedia eu_epg fi fi_sv fr fr_kazer huro il is it na_dd na_dtv na_tvmedia nl no_gf pt_meo se_swedb se_tvzon tr uk_bleb uk_tvguide tv_check tv_combiner tv_pick_cgi zz_sdjson

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    Overlay: gentoo (distro)
  • xmltv-0.5.57
    amd64 ~ppc x86 ~x86-linux
    ar ch dtvla uk_rt uk_bleb is it na_dd na_icons fi es_laguiatv es_miguiatv ee re huro dk se_swedb hr no_gf fr pt eu_epg tv_combiner tv_pick_cgi tv_check na_dtv za nl in il

    View      Download      Browse     License: GPL-2   
    Overlay: gentoo (distro)

Reverse Dependencies

Reverse dependancies are sometimes conditional based on your USE flags, Ebuild version and sometimes other packages. please keep this in mind.