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A set of C++ wrappers around the LV2 C API


  • lvtk-1.2.0
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    debug doc examples +gtk2 +tools python_targets_python2_7

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# ChangeLog for media-libs/lvtk
# Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: $

*lvtk-1.1.1 (03 Nov 2013)

03 Nov 2013; Karl Linden (lilrc) <>
Version bump. Thanks to Matt Henley for reporting.

28 Apr 2013; Karl Linden (lilrc) <>
lvtk-1.1.0.ebuild, lvtk-9999.ebuild:
Do not fix documentation install directory if documentation is not built.
Graphviz is needed to build docs (the dot program is needed).

*lvtk-9999 (28 Apr 2013)
*lvtk-1.1.0 (28 Apr 2013)

28 Apr 2013; Karl Linden (lilrc) <>
-lvtk-1.0.4.ebuild, +lvtk-1.1.0.ebuild, +lvtk-9999.ebuild, metadata.xml:
Version bump and removed old ebuild.
Added live ebuild.
Python is only needed at build time.
Added USE flags.
Added workaround for unrespected docdir.

*lvtk-1.0.4 (02 Feb 2013)

03 Feb 2913; Dominique Michel <>
lvtk-1.0.4.ebuild: changed SRC_URI to overlay's distfiles

02 Feb 2013; Karl Linden (lilrc) <>
+lvtk-1.0.4.ebuild, +metadata.xml:
Initial ebuild