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Meta package for various libretro implementations


  • libretro-meta-9999-r4
    amd64 x86
    2048 3dengine 81 atari800 bluemsx bnes bsnes cannonball cap32 citra craft crocods desmume dinothawr dosbox fbalpha fbalpha2012 fbneo fceumm fceu-next flycast fmsx freeintv fuse gambatte genplus gme gpsp gw handy lutro mame mame2000 mame2003 mame2010 mame2015 mame2016 mednafen-bsnes mednafen-gba mednafen-lynx mednafen-ngp mednafen-pce-fast mednafen-pcfx mednafen-psx mednafen-saturn mednafen-supergrafx mednafen-vb mednafen-wswan melonds meowpc98 meteor mgba mrboom nestopia nxengine o2em openlara parallel-n64 pcsx-rearmed picodrive pocketcdg pokemini prboom prosystem puae px68k quicknes quasi88 redream reminiscence sameboy scummvm snes9x snes9x2002 snes9x2010 stella2014 tgbdual theodore tyrquake vba-next vbam vecx virtualjaguar xrick yabause

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