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Provides a single point of entry for using basic features of ruby ORMs


  • orm_adapter-0.5.0
    ~amd64 ~x86
    ruby_targets_ruby25 ruby_targets_ruby26 ruby_targets_ruby27 doc test test

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commit 1853be0cfd646b79bc3d8b20f79a50d39b738100
Author: blshkv <>
Date: Mon Jun 22 08:52:38 2020 +0800

ruby: add ruby26 and 27 back. We should go to forward, not backward

commit 7dd72e06246ce38f846881ab6d9d1ee32400efed
Author: Guido Kroon <>
Date: Sun Jun 21 13:40:05 2020 +0200

dev-ruby: fix repoman issues

commit d08ac7ed565f163b673d95397b6cce300c14fdf4
Author: blshkv <>
Date: Thu May 21 09:59:40 2020 +0800

ckeditor: 5.1.0 new ebuild