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Make try/catch syntax available across Perl versions


  • Feature-Compat-Try-0.50.0

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commit 07cca19785bffc3d2ac1d31d5382a08144cb0aa7
Author: Chris Travers <>
Date: Wed Apr 26 08:52:27 2023 +0700

overlay synced with gentoo pr

commit 5aedf8f1e863e97fe783a7fddf76a055c20a2822
Author: Chris Travers <>
Date: Sat Oct 8 01:55:44 2022 +0200

this completes the general runtime dependencies for LedgerSMB 1.9 (#5)

* Adding Plack dependencies

* Adding Session::Storage::Secure

* Adding String::Random

* Adding Workflow

* Through the requirements for using the sofware with all optional features. Still missing dome dev dependencies

* Some version bumps

* Added some optional dependencies that were missed in previous commits
Also bumped some versions

* Moving many modules to EAPI 8 and bumping module versions where needed

* Bumping versions and EAPIS

* Fixing some QA issues found with pkgcheck, regenerating manifests

* Fixing more QA issues found by pkgcheck

* More QA fixes

* Fixing erroneous longdescription tag

commit 15b89f6699b72537cbc5ac3f60ae58eac060f2fb
Author: Chris Travers <>
Date: Fri Oct 7 10:55:48 2022 +0200

Adding Feature::Compat::Try and HTML::Escape ebuilds