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Library to drive several displays with built-in controllers or display modules


  • serdisplib-2.01
    ~amd64 ~ppc ~x86
    threads tools lcd_devices_acoolsdcm lcd_devices_ddusbt lcd_devices_directgfx lcd_devices_displaylink lcd_devices_framebuffer lcd_devices_glcd2usb lcd_devices_goldelox lcd_devices_i2c lcd_devices_ks0108 lcd_devices_l4m lcd_devices_lc7981 lcd_devices_lh155 lcd_devices_nokcol lcd_devices_pcd8544 lcd_devices_remote lcd_devices_rs232 lcd_devices_sed133x lcd_devices_sed153x lcd_devices_sed156x lcd_devices_ssdoled lcd_devices_stv8105 lcd_devices_t6963

    View      Download      Browse     License: GPL-2   
    Overlay: gentoo (distro)
  • serdisplib-1.97.9
    amd64 ppc x86
    sdl usb

    View      Download      Browse     License: GPL-2   
    Overlay: gentoo (distro)

Reverse Dependencies

Reverse dependancies are sometimes conditional based on your USE flags, Ebuild version and sometimes other packages. please keep this in mind.