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ICU Layout Engine API on top of HarfBuzz shaping library


  • icu-le-hb-1.0.3-r1
    ~alpha amd64 hppa ~ia64 ppc ppc64 sparc x86
    abi_x86_32 abi_x86_64 abi_x86_x32 abi_mips_n32 abi_mips_n64 abi_mips_o32 abi_riscv_lp64d abi_riscv_lp64 abi_s390_32 abi_s390_64

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commit ffb107be125d840b7d13ff0c9dfc1e271d7d59b5
Author: V3n3RiX <>
Date: Mon Apr 2 18:35:38 2018 +0100

repoman manifest

commit 3ee945ceadf128884ff340e4088879c756136ebd
Author: V3n3RiX <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 19:17:23 2018 +0000

dev-libs/icu : version bump

commit d84b3716e9e63e4cfb19d43c0ac6502ce0648cc4
Author: V3n3RiX <>
Date: Sun Feb 5 22:53:13 2017 +0000

drop our klibc, gentoo finally catched up with gcc5 supported version, import dev-libs/icu splitted packages