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Thin library on top of the Linux framebuffer devices


  • DirectFB-1.6.3-r1
    ~alpha ~amd64 ~arm ~hppa ~ia64 -mips ~ppc ~ppc64 ~sh -sparc ~x86
    bmp debug dynload doc fbcon gif gles2 imlib2 input_hub jpeg jpeg2k mmx mng mpeg2 multicore opengl png pnm sdl sse static-libs svg truetype v4l vdpau X zlib video_cards_intel video_cards_mach64 video_cards_mga video_cards_neomagic video_cards_nsc video_cards_nvidia video_cards_r128 video_cards_radeon video_cards_s3 video_cards_sis video_cards_tdfx video_cards_via video_cards_vmware input_devices_dynapro input_devices_elo2300 input_devices_evdev input_devices_joystick input_devices_keyboard input_devices_lirc input_devices_mouse input_devices_mutouch input_devices_tslib

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    Overlay: luke-jr (layman)


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