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  • gdl-0.9.5
    ~amd64 ~x86 ~amd64-linux ~x86-linux
    +eigen fftw grib gshhs hdf hdf5 imagemagick netcdf openmp png proj postscript python static-libs udunits wxwidgets python_targets_python2_7 test

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  • gdl-0.9.4
    ~amd64 ~x86 ~amd64-linux ~x86-linux
    +eigen fftw grib gshhs hdf hdf5 imagemagick netcdf openmp proj postscript python static-libs udunits wxwidgets python_targets_python2_7 test

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# ChangeLog for dev-lang/gdl
# Copyright 1999-2015 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/dev-lang/gdl/ChangeLog,v 1.50 2015/06/09 14:08:12 jlec Exp $

09 Jun 2015; Justin Lecher <> metadata.xml:
Updating remote-id in metadata.xml

10 May 2015; Justin Lecher <> +files/0.9.5-plplot.patch,
-files/0.9.5-testsuite.patch, gdl-0.9.5.ebuild:
Add fedora patch for compatibility to plplot-5.11, bug #548902

*gdl-0.9.5 (07 May 2015)

07 May 2015; Justin Lecher <> +files/0.9.4-plplot.patch,
+files/0.9.4-python2.patch, +files/0.9.5-antlr.patch, +files/0.9.5-png.patch,
+files/0.9.5-proj4.patch, +files/0.9.5-testsuite.patch, +gdl-0.9.5.ebuild,
gdl-0.9.4.ebuild, metadata.xml:
Version Bump; fix compatibility with latest plplot, bug #547380; fix python
support bug #530774

08 Apr 2015; Michał Górny <> gdl-0.9.4.ebuild:
Drop old Python implementations

05 Feb 2015; Michał Górny <> metadata.xml:
Fix USE=eigen description.

27 Jun 2014; Sébastien Fabbro <> gdl-0.9.4.ebuild:
Using sub-slots

09 Apr 2014; Sébastien Fabbro <> -files/0.9.2-numpy.patch,
-files/0.9.2-tests.patch, -files/0.9.3-netcdf-cxx.patch,
-files/0.9.3-sstream.patch, -gdl-0.9.2-r2.ebuild, -gdl-0.9.3-r2.ebuild:
Removed old

*gdl-0.9.4 (20 Nov 2013)

20 Nov 2013; Sébastien Fabbro <>
+files/0.9.3-plwidth.patch, +files/0.9.4-gsl.patch, +files/0.9.4-python.patch,
+files/0.9.4-reorder.patch, +gdl-0.9.4.ebuild, gdl-0.9.3-r2.ebuild,
Version bump, and backport fix to newer plplot (bug #491024) for older version

16 Nov 2013; Ryan Hill <> gdl-0.9.2-r2.ebuild,
Remove wxwidgets_pkg_setup call (unnecessary with USE deps).

*gdl-0.9.3-r2 (10 Jan 2013)

10 Jan 2013; Sébastien Fabbro <> +gdl-0.9.3-r2.ebuild,
-gdl-0.9.3-r1.ebuild, files/0.9.3-netcdf-cxx.patch:
Make sure we build an exec when python is not selected (bug #451070). Trim the
netcdf patch, depend on netcdf-cxx-4.2-r1 to avoid underlinking

*gdl-0.9.3-r1 (08 Jan 2013)

08 Jan 2013; Sébastien Fabbro <> +gdl-0.9.3-r1.ebuild,
Removed unused patch, revision bump for the few last changes

04 Jan 2013; Sébastien Fabbro <> -files/0.9.3-numpy.patch,
Reestricting python-3 per bug #450066

04 Jan 2013; Sébastien Fabbro <> +files/0.9.3-numpy.patch,
Added a patch for python-3 at configure time

03 Jan 2013; Sébastien Fabbro <>
+files/0.9.3-netcdf-cxx.patch, gdl-0.9.3.ebuild:
Added a patch for netcdf-4 support, bug #449984

03 Jan 2013; Sébastien Fabbro <> gdl-0.9.2-r2.ebuild,
java is needed for antlr, bug #449462

*gdl-0.9.3 (02 Jan 2013)

02 Jan 2013; Sébastien Fabbro <>
+files/0.9.3-sstream.patch, +gdl-0.9.3.ebuild:
Version bump. Added a patch to overcome buffer overflows in integer to string

11 Dec 2012; Sébastien Fabbro <> gdl-0.9.2-r2.ebuild:
Keyword amd64-linux and x86-linux

29 Jul 2012; Sébastien Fabbro <> gdl-0.9.2-r2.ebuild:
Impose -odbc for wxGTK because of conflicting types between GDL types and SQL

*gdl-0.9.2-r2 (21 Jun 2012)

21 Jun 2012; Sébastien Fabbro <> +gdl-0.9.2-r2.ebuild,
-gdl-0.9.2-r1.ebuild, files/0.9.2-include.patch:
Re-generate sources with local antlr. Patch for include now uses original
grammar antlr source files

20 Jun 2012; Sébastien Fabbro <>
+files/0.9.2-semaphore.patch, -gdl-0.9.2.ebuild, files/0.9.2-tests.patch,
Fix for newer netcdf (bug #421213), fix conditional tests and add a patch to
link posix semaphore when openmp is not set

16 Jun 2012; Samuli Suominen <> gdl-0.9.2.ebuild,
gdl-0.9.2-r1.ebuild, metadata.xml:
Use global USE flag "postscript" instead of local USE flag "ps" for
PostScript support

16 Mar 2012; Sébastien Fabbro <> gdl-0.9.2-r1.ebuild:
Restrict pypy

05 Feb 2012; Mike Gilbert <> gdl-0.9.2-r1.ebuild:
Inherit toolchain-funcs.

*gdl-0.9.2-r1 (01 Feb 2012)

01 Feb 2012; Sébastien Fabbro <> +gdl-0.9.2-r1.ebuild:
Added a test for openmp, install pro routines in default directory
(/usr/shared/gnudatalanguage/lib), bug #401703 thanks Ben Kohler, and force
libX11 dependency since it does not compile without

*gdl-0.9.2 (27 Dec 2011)

27 Dec 2011; Sébastien Fabbro <>
+files/0.9.2-antlr.patch, -files/gdl-0.9_rc2-gcc4.4.patch,
+files/0.9.2-include.patch, -files/gdl-0.9_rc4-gcc4.3.patch,
+files/0.9.2-numpy.patch, -gdl-0.9-r1.ebuild, +gdl-0.9.2.ebuild,
+files/0.9.2-proj4.patch, -files/gdl-0.9_rc4-gcc4.5.patch, -gdl-0.9.1.ebuild,
+files/0.9.2-tests.patch, -files/gdl-0.9.1-antlr.patch,
-files/gdl-0.9-configure.patch, -files/gdl-0.9-numpy.patch, metadata.xml:
Version bump. Rewrote from scratch and switched to cmake since the configure
scripts are not well maintained. Added a few patches to allow projections
from gshhs and proj. Added a few more use flags. Fix bug #380323, bug
#391667, and bug #393193.

20 Jul 2011; Pacho Ramos <> metadata.xml:
Drop maintainer due retirement, bug #105599

*gdl-0.9.1 (08 Apr 2011)

08 Apr 2011; Sébastien Fabbro <> gdl-0.9-r1.ebuild,
+gdl-0.9.1.ebuild, +files/gdl-0.9.1-antlr.patch:
Version bump. Now really unbundle antlr

*gdl-0.9-r1 (04 Jan 2011)

04 Jan 2011; Sébastien Fabbro <> -gdl-0.9.ebuild,
+gdl-0.9-r1.ebuild, -files/gdl-0.9_rc4-antlr.patch,
Install both python with gdl as a library and regular gdl exec. Also now uses
bundled antlr to make it work on amd64.

*gdl-0.9 (21 Dec 2010)

21 Dec 2010; Sébastien Fabbro <> -gdl-0.9_rc4.ebuild,
+gdl-0.9.ebuild, +files/gdl-0.9-configure.patch, +files/gdl-0.9-numpy.patch,
Version bump, replaced numarray by numpy support

25 Aug 2010; Kacper Kowalik <> gdl-0.9_rc4.ebuild,
Fix build with GCC-4.5 wrt bug 334415. Thanks to Diego for report.

04 Jul 2010; Justin Lecher <> -gdl-0.9_rc2.ebuild,
-gdl-0.9_rc3.ebuild, gdl-0.9_rc4.ebuild, -files/gdl-0.9_rc1-gcc4.3.patch,
-files/gdl-0.9_rc1-magick.patch, -files/gdl-0.9_rc1-proj4.patch,
-files/gdl-0.9_rc2-antlr.patch, -files/gdl-0.9_rc3-proj4.patch,
Removed python support untils numarray -> numpy is changed by upstream,
#326781; removed old, #286634; correcting RDEPEND for imagemagick support,

27 Feb 2010; Markus Dittrich <> gdl-0.9_rc4.ebuild,
Fixed libantlr issue (see bug #286630).
Thanks much to Jan Kohnert for tracking this down.

27 Feb 2010; Markus Dittrich <> gdl-0.9_rc4.ebuild,
Added patch for missing gcc headers (fixes #306437).
Thanks much to Kacper Kowalik for the patch.

27 Feb 2010; Markus Dittrich <> gdl-0.9_rc4.ebuild:
Significant ebuild cleanup. Removed libproj option for now since
this requires libproj4 which is currently missing from portage.
Thanks much to Sylwester Arabas for his help and support.

18 Feb 2010; Sébastien Fabbro <> gdl-0.9_rc4.ebuild:
Adding an mpi hack when hdf5 has mpi support, see bug #302621

*gdl-0.9_rc4 (05 Feb 2010)

05 Feb 2010; Markus Dittrich <> -gdl-0.9_rc1.ebuild,
+files/gdl-0.9_rc4-antlr.patch, +gdl-0.9_rc4.ebuild:
Version bump.

*gdl-0.9_rc3 (12 Jan 2010)

12 Jan 2010; Markus Dittrich <> +gdl-0.9_rc3.ebuild,
Version bump. This will hopefully also fix bug #286634.

04 Oct 2009; Samuli Suominen <> gdl-0.9_rc2.ebuild:
Replace -Wl,--no-as-needed with function from flag-o-matic eclass.

*gdl-0.9_rc2 (25 Aug 2009)

25 Aug 2009; Markus Dittrich <> +gdl-0.9_rc2.ebuild,
+files/gdl-0.9_rc2-gcc4.4.patch, +files/gdl-0.9_rc2-antlr.patch:
Version bump and fixed hdf5-1.8 issue (see bug #275388).
Also, the ebuild now compiles against the system antlr fixing
the file collision with dev-java/antlr (see bug #267671).

02 Sep 2008; Sébastien Fabbro <>
-files/gdl-0.8.11-gcc4-gentoo.patch, -files/gdl-0.9_pre5-proj4.patch,
-files/gdl-0.9_pre6-magick.patch, -files/gdl-0.9_pre6-plplot-5.9.patch,
-files/gdl-0.9_pre6-proj4.patch, -gdl-0.8.11.ebuild, -gdl-0.9_pre6.ebuild:
Cleaning from old versions

23 Aug 2008; Jeroen Roovers <> metadata.xml:
Add GLEP 56 USE flag descriptions.

06 Jun 2008; Markus Dittrich <> gdl-0.9_rc1.ebuild:
Make gdl backward compatible to <plplot-5.9 (fixes bug #225027).

24 May 2008; Markus Dittrich <>
+files/gdl-0.9_rc1-magick.patch, +files/gdl-0.9_rc1-gcc4.3.patch,
Replaced imagemagick patch which broke due to additiona autoconf step
(fixes bug #223321). Added gcc4.3 compile patch.

*gdl-0.9_rc1 (22 May 2008)

22 May 2008; Sébastien Fabbro <>
+files/gdl-0.9_rc1-proj4.patch, -gdl-0.9_pre5.ebuild, +gdl-0.9_rc1.ebuild:
Version bump

13 Apr 2008; Markus Dittrich <>
+files/gdl-0.9_pre6-plplot-5.9.patch, gdl-0.9_pre6.ebuild:
Added patch for plplot-5.9 support (fixes bug #217361).

21 Mar 2008; Markus Dittrich <>
+files/gdl-0.9_pre6-magick.patch, gdl-0.9_pre5.ebuild,
Added patch to fix compilation issues with imagemagick-6.3.9*
(see bug #214040).

*gdl-0.9_pre6 (05 Nov 2007)

05 Nov 2007; Sébastien Fabbro <>
+files/gdl-0.9_pre6-proj4.patch, +gdl-0.9_pre6.ebuild:
Version bump

*gdl-0.9_pre5 (21 Aug 2007)

21 Aug 2007; Sébastien Fabbro <>
+files/gdl-0.9_pre5-proj4.patch, metadata.xml, +gdl-0.9_pre5.ebuild:
Version bump.

29 Sep 2006; Markus Dittrich <>
+files/gdl-0.8.11-gcc4-gentoo.patch, gdl-0.8.11.ebuild:
Added patch to fix compile problems with gcc4.x. This fixes
bug #149299.

*gdl-0.8.11 (21 Dec 2005)

21 Dec 2005; Markus Dittrich <> +metadata.xml,
Initial import (fixes bug #82660). Thanks to Sebastien Fabbro
<>, Jose Marino <>, Steven Rieder
<>, and Daniel Veillette <> for
their ebuilds and testing.