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commit a20a64d8ff7414e7fc8a5ddded8a8237c2703913
Author: Wolfgang E. Sanyer <>
Date: Tue Feb 16 23:55:27 2021 -0500

dev-haskell/bencode: remove redundant longdescription from metadata

Signed-off-by: Wolfgang E. Sanyer <>

commit 780075a70af2171aaa259ed5630ddfccee47814d
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Wed Sep 2 00:17:13 2020 +0100

*/*: use https:// for hackage URIs

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

commit 159f644df5ab58905630968d44f5889e883688af
Author: Philippe Baril Lecavalier <>
Date: Thu Mar 5 17:07:32 2020 -0330

dev-haskell/bencode: bump up to

Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.89, Repoman-2.3.20
Signed-off-by: Philippe Baril Lecavalier <>

commit 3d16013c65cc8986c7537d76ed3a2855e978d057
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Sat Nov 23 15:39:53 2019 +0000

*/*: Inline mirror://hackage and update URIs

Follow ::gentoo commit 2a2e66a9407205f18
("*/*: Inline mirror://hackage and update URIs ")

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

commit 2a94f64d40e69b69ddfa1b5da7906d17009e5e6f
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Fri Nov 24 09:25:20 2017 +0000

refresh Manifests

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

commit 1a6ba469382ab24f8b77b4ff3b043b6e2ed68306
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Tue Feb 28 21:38:05 2017 +0000

follow ::gentoo in removing '# $Id$' headers

Done as
$ sed -i */*/*.ebuild -e '/^# \$Id\$$/d'

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

commit aa19eeb10bc2eb3e09f93fa8a102c322742943e4
Author: Vikraman Choudhury <>
Date: Tue Jan 26 14:19:48 2016 -0500

Update metadata.xml for GLEP 67

commit b9c11d9d44644f6a277de1f7af562de56e786675
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Sun Aug 9 10:37:52 2015 +0100

convert '# $Header: ' lines to '# $Id$'

The change was adopted when ::gentoo switched to git.

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

commit f97a77c21220d414b41460dd104581c47eb9bd1e
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Wed May 13 22:04:18 2015 +0100

dev-haskell/bencode: bump up to

Package-Manager: portage-2.2.18

commit bae53c3942ac82e1ba1fb81491c1c3b0a34fa8e3
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Tue Jan 6 21:55:22 2015 +0000

dev-haskell/bencode: bump up to

Package-Manager: portage-2.2.14

commit 548eba3fff152dbb8943cc9ec6d3cde28369d167
Author: Mark Wright <>
Date: Sat Jan 3 12:44:27 2015 +1100

Just update the date in the Copyright to sync with portage

commit 7caba65cd543fbfef1c994cc43a84a5dec653ce7
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Thu Jul 24 18:07:32 2014 +0300

metadata.xml: from <maintainer> field in favour of <herd> one

Mangled by tiny tool:

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

commit e10b3ad26e94baf527bce2750ff1e5e1e11ca255
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Thu Jul 24 16:51:36 2014 +0300

drop trailing '.' from DESCRIPTIONs overlay-wide

repoman depected them as:

DESCRIPTION.punctuation 1
net-misc/htsn/htsn-0.1.0.ebuild: DESCRIPTION ends with a '.' character

Fixed by the following tiny script:

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

commit 74819913aa26fed34e9919bf56c4323190e9e058
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Mon Jul 22 12:13:44 2013 +0300

bencode: switch to EAPI=5

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

commit 7db4e1b65c2de61d0028528402e5f4d4f1112cf1
Author: Alexander Vershilov <>
Date: Fri Sep 7 17:44:46 2012 +0400

big mirror update

commit eeec21f6eca73fd0f6ee0a2a6c1457bbcb32a406
Author: nCdy <>
Date: Thu Sep 6 15:25:48 2012 +0400

Metadata updates

commit 88bbb0224ca4d45e00f0f64b16b0c8e79dab66f1
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Fri Jun 15 03:11:07 2012 +0300

regenerated all Manifests to make use of 'thin' feature in one shot

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

commit a8bf61c40cced013f9a11c40ad75f8adebbbb799
Author: Sergei Trofimovich <>
Date: Fri Nov 25 16:07:53 2011 +0300

dev-haskell/bencode: removed old

Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>

commit ddfc3d1aa83b3634fb3be0d8024f3d6afe252445
Author: Mark Wright <>
Date: Thu Nov 17 23:17:59 2011 +1100

Add hoogle support

commit f20e719f6085a923c153105edd81bab454c3e72d
Author: Lennart Kolmodin <>
Date: Sun Dec 27 17:01:40 2009 +0000

bencode: bump

commit c52b0c03f437bc3fc23379cd34f5c473fbad52b4
Author: <unknown>
Date: Sat Oct 24 11:22:36 2009 +0000

The great bytestring removal!
We're removing bytestring from the overlay for several reasons:
* It's a GHC boot library, and thus shouldn't be upgraded.
* The tree doesn't have a bytestring package, so this will make syncing easier.
* It's a right royal pain to successfully upgrade all packages depending on the GHC bytestring
to a stand-alone upgraded bytestring (no, haskell-updater doesn't help).
* For the most part, bytestring upgrades typically don't do much for end users anyway.
* New bytestring comes with new GHC; why would you care enough to upgrade bytestring but not GHC?

We're leaving bytestring package masked for now, but all dependencies upon it have been removed.
I'm sorry, but you're probably going to have to manually rebuild all packages that you had
installed with bytestring dependencies. Then again, until recently a lot of packages didn't have
explicit bytestring dependencies in the ebuilds...

commit 32a12cb062add5d9e58a700aa4585c6a1cd0e1ef
Author: <unknown>
Date: Sun Oct 11 06:53:12 2009 +0000

Bump bencode to 0.4

commit ed744f9375349c91c4211bd994408bfc4110212b
Author: <unknown>
Date: Fri Oct 9 09:58:11 2009 +0000

Spring Cleaning time! \o/
It's spring here Down Under, so I figured I'd do some spring cleaning of the overlay.

Old versions of libraries have been removed (for the popular/common ones,
I've left behind stable versions if older), and a deprecated library or two.

The biggest stopeprs so far:
1) Alex: Only stable version for ppc is 2.1.0; this is the only package that needs cabal < 1.6
(it needs cabal 1.1.6 :s).
2) Cabal has various stable points for different arches (ppc are the biggest culprits).
3) GHC: same as for Cabal.

I've been going alphabetically for the most part through dev-haskell/, stopped at Cabal.

commit 2c2eb9b12125d7f0c1d74c625d0f7d62e70685a1
Author: Duncan Coutts <>
Date: Fri Dec 21 04:53:37 2007 +0000

New versions of several packages from hackage

commit 7648fcb0d88eefc4f793052147741494855d0eaf
Author: Duncan Coutts <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 23:50:27 2007 +0000

Remove all the old files/digest-* files

commit 7cbea21ce3e9c5f0b46d0f89bf700ad7ce53b1c2
Author: <unknown>
Date: Sun Oct 7 22:13:11 2007 +0000

Restoring digests, etc.
Someone decided to remove all the digests, manifests, etc... so I added them all back in.
Issue originally raised by madnificent, hgolden and raxas.

commit ed94e8c2945d62488cf5c3ff248fa5df079118bf
Author: Joachim Fasting <>
Date: Sat Oct 6 13:51:01 2007 +0000

bencode-0.1.ebuild: add HOMEPAGE.

commit 30cf24e0473d0d884a6c32ed63eb08885eb35b19
Author: Duncan Coutts <>
Date: Tue Aug 28 11:51:13 2007 +0000

Remove loads of digest and files dirs
digest files are not used anymore, only the Manifest files.

commit e3f2f73530c0914c3c31c0ac4d8efad369807f8f
Author: Duncan Coutts <>
Date: Mon Jul 30 19:46:09 2007 +0000

Add 50 new ebuilds merged via hackport
(a few are new versions of existing ebuilds)
All build with ghc-6.6.1, not checked with USE=doc