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Azoth, the modular IM client for LeechCraft


  • lc-azoth-9999
    debug doc +acetamide +adiumstyles +autoidler +autopaste +birthdaynotifier +chathistory +crypt +depester +embedmedia +herbicide +hili +isterique +juick +keeso +lastseen +latex +metacontacts +murm +nativeemoticons +otroid sarin shx +spell +standardstyles +vader velvetbird +woodpecker +xmpp +xtazy

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commit 732a17d9a5366f235a134c93b8c07e2ffb3392b5
Author: 0xd34df00d <>
Date: Sat Feb 12 10:29:40 2022 -0600

lc-azoth: drop `media` from metadata to make repoman happy

commit ffecaff0d748dcf43163fd847143f9f7022ed454
Author: 0xd34df00d <>
Date: Sat Feb 12 10:10:53 2022 -0600

lc-azoth: replace qtwebkit with qtwebengine

commit aa394c543e07fd36592e9f99b7241e48869f03f7
Author: 0xd34df00d <>
Date: Sat Mar 20 10:20:20 2021 -0500

app-leechcraft/lc-azoth: drop `media` use flag for now

commit 8ef8b4d60790bdef85e8e74d0a7ebd67b5953b44
Author: 0xd34df00d <>
Date: Sun Nov 29 08:30:21 2020 -0600

lc-azoth: astrality is dead

commit 536377eba3f1fc02714cbd87e3f810f7e5da4999
Author: 0xd34df00d <>
Date: Wed Sep 30 08:46:09 2020 -0500

Salvage the ebuilds and everything