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  • emacs-updater-9999

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  • emacs-updater-1.15
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  • emacs-updater-1.14
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# ChangeLog for app-admin/emacs-updater
# Copyright 1999-2015 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Id$

25 Apr 2015; Ulrich Müller <> emacs-updater-9999.ebuild:

05 Jun 2014; Ulrich Müller <> emacs-updater-9999.ebuild:
Add missing dependency on app-misc/getopt for BSD. Update GETOPT variable in
script if necessary.

19 Jan 2014; Ulrich Müller <> emacs-updater-9999.ebuild:
Switch from package.mask to empty KEYWORDS.

10 Oct 2013; Ulrich Müller <> emacs-updater-9999.ebuild:
Migrate to git-r3.eclass.

09 Aug 2013; Ulrich Müller <> emacs-updater-9999.ebuild:
Update HOMEPAGE. Merge changes from Portage tree.

08 Oct 2012; Ulrich Müller <> emacs-updater-9999.ebuild:
Update version of portage-utils dependency. Specify LICENSE more precisely.

09 Jun 2012; Ulrich Müller <> emacs-updater-9999.ebuild:
Change live ebuild to use Git. Merge changes from Portage tree.

12 Apr 2009; Ulrich Mueller <> emacs-updater-9999.ebuild:
Install man page. Update dependencies.

04 Sep 2008; Ulrich Mueller <>
-emacs-updater-1.0_rc1.ebuild, -emacs-updater-1.0_rc2.ebuild:
Remove release candidates since the package was added to Portage tree.

*emacs-updater-1.0_rc2 (02 Sep 2008)

02 Sep 2008; Ulrich Mueller <>
Version bump.

*emacs-updater-1.0_rc1 (29 Aug 2008)

29 Aug 2008; Ulrich Mueller <> +emacs-updater-1.0_rc1.ebuild:
Prepare for stand-alone release of emacs-updater.

*emacs-updater-9999 (15 Aug 2008)

15 Aug 2008; Ulrich Mueller <> +metadata.xml,
Initial import of stand-alone emacs-updater, package split off from