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Upgrading to TeX Live 2023 - 05/06/2024 00:00 GMT

Upgrading to TeX Live 2023

We will soon start the stabilization of TeX Live 2023 in Gentoo.

Since TeX Live 2023 underwent a major overhaul, including TeX Live package
moves between the according Gentoo packages, there are file conflicts
between Gentoo's TeX Live 2021 and 2023 packages. To avoid those
conflicts, it is recommended to uninstall all of dev-texlive prior
updating TeX Live to version 2023.

Before uninstalling dev-texlive packages, first check if your system has
a pending texlive update (1). If this is the case, uninstall the old
dev-texlive packages (2) and emerge the update (3).

1. emerge -p '>=app-text/texlive-2023'
[only proceed if texlive update is available]
2. emerge --unmerge --deselect=n 'dev-texlive/*'
3. emerge '>=app-text/texlive-2023'

The steps above are equivalent to the following bash snippet:

if emerge -p '>=app-text/texlive-2023'; then
    emerge --unmerge --deselect=n 'dev-texlive/*'
    emerge '>=app-text/texlive-2023'

Posted By: Florian Schmaus