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dev-lang/perl useflags become a PERL_FEATURES use-expand - 07/05/2024 00:00 GMT

Starting with dev-lang/perl-5.38.2-r3, the three use flags "debug", 
"ithreads", and "quadmath" of Perl are renamed into a common
use-expand variable, PERL_FEATURES, which should be set *globally*
in make.conf.

If you do *not* want to change the settings of your Perl, make
sure that the new variable PERL_FEATURES contains the same settings
that were applied to your Perl all along. 

I.e., if you have dev-lang/perl[ithreads] installed, make sure
to now set in make.conf

If you *want* to change the settings of your Perl, you may have to
run perl-cleaner after rebuilding dev-lang/perl:
  perl-cleaner --modules ; perl-cleaner --force --libperl

In either case, a full world update
  emerge -uDNav world
is recommended and should also bring your system into a consistent

Background: This change in the structure of the useflags is
intended to solve bug 930123. The three useflags influence not only
how Perl itself is installed, but also all Perl modules...

Posted By: Andreas K. Huettel