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media-video/wireplumber-0.5.2 may break on upgrade - 06/05/2024 00:00 GMT

As some will be aware, WirePlumber 0.5.0 introduced a significant
breaking change to its entire configuration system, eliminating the use
of Lua scripts for configuration purposes. This also came with a
complete rework of how Lua scripts are registered with WirePlumber
for execution.

Most typical desktop users, including EasyEffects users, should not
notice any change to their system. That said, it was not uncommon for
people to suggest or implement configuration changes using the Lua API.

Any custom functionality which relies on WirePlumber's Lua API will
break upon upgrade.

If you rely on this functionality, please review the WirePlumber
documentation on porting your Lua scripts to the new API and
registering them with the system before upgrading:

Posted By: James Calligeros