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3ware 3DM2 CLI Linux from the code set 8xxx/95xx/96xx/97xx



commit b431820ea1faa741f6fc04d277f350a7ffe1a548
Author: Dallen Wilson <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 11:28:12 2020 -0700

Fixed various repoman complaints.

commit a5d8caeb976e46caae85d9044fc0bdfe2ef4f6e9
Author: Dallen Wilson <>
Date: Fri Aug 23 19:35:09 2019 -0600

Updated all metadata.xml's

Updated metadata.xml for all packages in the overlay to list myself as
maintainer; Updated contact info with my current email address.

commit 35ca2356e891062d2bdd8c6c2455e458949132a2
Author: Dallen Wilson <>
Date: Thu Aug 22 16:14:02 2019 -0600

Corrected repoman complaints.

commit 73f265534a142c75296b33b69c808a2267738a4f
Author: Dallen Wilson <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 13:52:47 2019 -0600

Corrected errors found by repoman.

commit d55c576516773d33d5fbec7fb87c36513429a7f8
Author: Dallen Wilson <>
Date: Tue Apr 2 10:28:11 2019 -0600

Changed read/write perms on repo, to make working with it easier on my end.

commit 515909cba6ea64dc5080792039c98b76d0ee2f11
Author: Dallen Wilson <>
Date: Wed Jan 23 12:13:37 2019 -0700

Fixed repoman complaints.

Commit done as one lump sum instead of incremental changes, because I am
a bad citizen and do not plan ahead.

commit 6978adade172ce2d080edbe5ccc5c3d692f4c764
Author: Dallen Wilson <>
Date: Sun Feb 4 12:19:43 2018 -0600

Copied 3dm2 ebuild from srcshelton overlay.