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C++ class library normalising numerous telephony protocols


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    celt debug doc +dtmf examples fax ffmpeg h224 h281 h323 iax ilbc ipv6 ivr java ldap libav lid +plugins sbc +sip +sipim +sound srtp ssl static-libs stats swig theora +video vpb vxml +wav x264 x264-static +xml elibc_FreeBSD java

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commit 3fa8648f4c68dea9764339bdb77b24eb3973959d
Author: Kalin KOZHUHAROV <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 01:26:35 2018 +0100

metadata/layout.conf: syncing with Gentoo oficial

* this brings lots of changes in Manifest files
* mainly no more digests for ebuilds!

commit ab04612053ebd7b634b21c5e6bf0cd401fced0b8
Author: Kalin KOZHUHAROV <>
Date: Fri Apr 6 20:45:13 2018 +0200

Recaclucalitng Manufest files with new format

commit f9cabce837c9535fe2c94a674d87cd10a11eb9df
Author: Kalin KOZHUHAROV <>
Date: Sat Jan 6 21:40:44 2018 +0100

... and adding digests

commit 4b9561d623b3655cebb745b122031d394bee7d15
Author: Kalin KOZHUHAROV <>
Date: Sat Jan 6 11:28:35 2018 +0100

Rescuing Ekiga and dependencies...

Gentoo decided to kill it (/usr/portage/profiles/package.mask):
# Pacho Ramos <> (27 Dec 2017)
# All Ekiga set is dead and broken for years, it relies on obsolete
# dead/libs that are also old and broken and upstream looks to not release
# newer ekiga ever. To keep this please go ahead and take care of it *and
# all the dependencies it also needs*. See bugs #626176, #460458, #589276,
# #638122, #641990, #633670, #624578, #600398, #627868.
# Removal in a month.