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Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, collabora's wayland branch


  • wine-wayland-9999
    +abi_x86_32 +abi_x86_64 +alsa capi cups custom-cflags dos elibc_glibc +fontconfig +gecko gphoto2 gssapi gstreamer kerberos kernel_FreeBSD ldap mingw +mono mp3 netapi nls odbc openal opencl +opengl osmesa oss +perl pcap prelink pulseaudio +realtime +run-exes samba scanner sdl selinux +ssl test +threads +truetype udev +udisks +unwind usb v4l vkd3d vulkan +wayland +X +xcomposite xinerama abi_x86_32 abi_x86_64 abi_x86_x32 abi_mips_n32 abi_mips_n64 abi_mips_o32 abi_s390_32 abi_s390_64 test

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Reverse Dependencies

Reverse dependancies are sometimes conditional based on your USE flags, Ebuild version and sometimes other packages. please keep this in mind.