# Copyright 1999-2019 Gentoo Authors
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2

PYTHON_COMPAT=( python{2_7,3_5,3_6,3_7} )
USE_RUBY="ruby24 ruby25 ruby26"

inherit vim-doc flag-o-matic bash-completion-r1 python-single-r1 ruby-single desktop xdg-utils

if [[ ${PV} == 9999* ]] ; then
	inherit git-r3
	SRC_URI="https://github.com/vim/vim/archive/v${PV}.tar.gz -> ${P}.tar.gz
	KEYWORDS="alpha amd64 arm arm64 hppa ia64 ~m68k ~mips ppc ppc64 ~riscv s390 ~sh sparc x86 ~ppc-aix ~x64-cygwin ~amd64-linux ~x86-linux ~ppc-macos ~x64-macos ~x86-macos ~m68k-mint ~sparc-solaris ~sparc64-solaris ~x64-solaris ~x86-solaris"

DESCRIPTION="Vim, an improved vi-style text editor"
HOMEPAGE="https://vim.sourceforge.io/ https://github.com/vim/vim"

IUSE="X acl cscope debug gpm lua luajit minimal nls perl python racket ruby selinux tcl terminal vim-pager"
	python? ( ${PYTHON_REQUIRED_USE} )
	vim-pager? ( !minimal )

	nls? ( virtual/libintl )
	acl? ( kernel_linux? ( sys-apps/acl ) )
	cscope? ( dev-util/cscope )
	gpm? ( >=sys-libs/gpm-1.19.3 )
	lua? (
		luajit? ( dev-lang/luajit:2= )
		!luajit? ( dev-lang/lua:0[deprecated] )
	!minimal? ( ~app-editors/vim-core-${PV} )
	vim-pager? ( app-editors/vim-core[-minimal] )
	perl? ( dev-lang/perl:= )
	python? ( ${PYTHON_DEPS} )
	racket? ( dev-scheme/racket )
	ruby? ( ${RUBY_DEPS} )
	selinux? ( sys-libs/libselinux )
	tcl? ( dev-lang/tcl:0= )
	X? ( x11-libs/libXt )

	nls? ( sys-devel/gettext )

pkg_setup() {
	# people with broken alphabets run into trouble. bug 82186.
	unset LANG LC_ALL
	export LC_COLLATE="C"

	# Gnome sandbox silliness. bug #114475.
	mkdir -p "${T}"/home || die "mkdir failed"
	export HOME="${T}"/home

	use python && python-single-r1_pkg_setup

src_prepare() {
	if [[ ${PV} != 9999* ]] ; then
		# Gentoo patches to fix runtime issues, cross-compile errors, etc
		eapply "${WORKDIR}"/patches/

	# Fixup a script to use awk instead of nawk
	sed -i -e \
		'1s|.*|#!'"${EPREFIX}"'/usr/bin/awk -f|' \
		"${S}"/runtime/tools/mve.awk || die "mve.awk sed failed"

	# Read vimrc and gvimrc from /etc/vim
	echo '#define SYS_VIMRC_FILE "'${EPREFIX}'/etc/vim/vimrc"' \
		>> "${S}"/src/feature.h || die "echo failed"
	echo '#define SYS_GVIMRC_FILE "'${EPREFIX}'/etc/vim/gvimrc"' \
		>> "${S}"/src/feature.h || die "echo failed"

	# Use exuberant ctags which installs as /usr/bin/exuberant-ctags.
	# Hopefully this pattern won't break for a while at least.
	# This fixes bug 29398 (27 Sep 2003 agriffis)
	sed -i -e \
		's/\<ctags\("\| [-*.]\)/exuberant-&/g' \
		"${S}"/runtime/doc/syntax.txt \
		"${S}"/runtime/doc/tagsrch.txt \
		"${S}"/runtime/doc/usr_29.txt \
		"${S}"/runtime/menu.vim \
		"${S}"/src/configure.ac || die 'sed failed'

	# Don't be fooled by /usr/include/libc.h.  When found, vim thinks
	# this is NeXT, but it's actually just a file in dev-libs/9libs
	# This fixes bug 43885 (20 Mar 2004 agriffis)
	sed -i -e \
		's/ libc\.h / /' \
		"${S}"/src/configure.ac || die 'sed failed'

	# gcc on sparc32 has this, uhm, interesting problem with detecting EOF
	# correctly. To avoid some really entertaining error messages about stuff
	# which isn't even in the source file being invalid, we'll do some trickery
	# to make the error never occur. bug 66162 (02 October 2004 ciaranm)
	find "${S}" -name '*.c' | while read c; do
	    echo >> "$c" || die "echo failed"

	# conditionally make the manpager.sh script
	if use vim-pager; then
		cat > "${S}"/runtime/macros/manpager.sh <<-_EOF_ || die "cat EOF failed"
			sed -e 's/\x1B\[[[:digit:]]\+m//g' | col -b | \\
					vim \\
						-c 'let no_plugin_maps = 1' \\
						-c 'set nolist nomod ft=man ts=8' \\
						-c 'let g:showmarks_enable=0' \\
						-c 'runtime! macros/less.vim' -

	# Try to avoid sandbox problems. Bug #114475.
	if [[ -d "${S}"/src/po ]]; then
		sed -i -e \
			'/-S check.vim/s,..VIM.,ln -s $(VIM) testvim \; ./testvim -X,' \
			"${S}"/src/po/Makefile || die "sed failed"

	cp -v "${S}"/src/config.mk.dist "${S}"/src/auto/config.mk || die "cp failed"

	sed -i -e \
		"s:\\\$(PERLLIB)/ExtUtils/xsubpp:${EPREFIX}/usr/bin/xsubpp:" \
		"${S}"/src/Makefile || die 'sed for ExtUtils-ParseXS failed'


src_configure() {
	local myconf=()

	# Fix bug 37354: Disallow -funroll-all-loops on amd64
	# Bug 57859 suggests that we want to do this for all archs
	filter-flags -funroll-all-loops

	# Fix bug 76331: -O3 causes problems, use -O2 instead. We'll do this for
	# everyone since previous flag filtering bugs have turned out to affect
	# multiple archs...
	replace-flags -O3 -O2

	# Fix bug 18245: Prevent "make" from the following chain:
	# (1) Notice configure.ac is newer than auto/configure
	# (2) Rebuild auto/configure
	# (3) Notice auto/configure is newer than auto/config.mk
	# (4) Run ./configure (with wrong args) to remake auto/config.mk
	sed -i 's# auto/config\.mk:#:#' src/Makefile || die "Makefile sed failed"
	rm src/auto/configure || die "rm failed"
	emake -j1 -C src autoconf

	# This should fix a sandbox violation (see bug 24447). The hvc
	# things are for ppc64, see bug 86433.
	for file in /dev/pty/s* /dev/console /dev/hvc/* /dev/hvc*; do
		if [[ -e "${file}" ]]; then
			addwrite $file

	if use minimal; then
		use debug && append-flags "-DDEBUG"

			$(use_enable acl)
			$(use_enable cscope)
			$(use_enable gpm)
			$(use_enable lua luainterp)
			$(usex lua "--with-lua-prefix=${EPREFIX}/usr" "")
			$(use_with luajit)
			$(use_enable nls)
			$(use_enable perl perlinterp)
			$(use_enable python pythoninterp)
			$(use_enable python python3interp)
			$(use_with python python-command $(type -P $(eselect python show --python2)))
			$(use_with python python3-command $(type -P $(eselect python show --python3)))
			$(use_enable racket mzschemeinterp)
			$(use_enable ruby rubyinterp)
			$(use_enable selinux)
			$(use_enable tcl tclinterp)
			$(use_enable terminal)

		# --with-features=huge forces on cscope even if we --disable it. We need
		# to sed this out to avoid screwiness. (1 Sep 2004 ciaranm)
		if ! use cscope; then
			sed -i -e \
				'/# define FEAT_CSCOPE/d' src/feature.h || die "sed failed"

		# don't test USE=X here ... see bug #19115
		# but need to provide a way to link against X ... see bug #20093
			$(use_with X x)

	# let package manager strip binaries
	export ac_cv_prog_STRIP="$(type -P true ) faking strip"

	# keep prefix env contained within the EPREFIX
	use prefix && myconf+=( --without-local-dir )

	econf \
		--with-modified-by=Gentoo-${PVR} \

src_compile() {
	# The following allows emake to be used
	emake -j1 -C src auto/osdef.h objects


src_test() {
	einfo "Starting vim tests. Several error messages will be shown"
	einfo "while the tests run. This is normal behaviour and does not"
	einfo "indicate a fault."
	ewarn "If the tests fail, your terminal may be left in a strange"
	ewarn "state. Usually, running 'reset' will fix this."

	# Don't let vim talk to X
	unset DISPLAY

	emake -j1 -C src/testdir nongui

# Call eselect vi update with --if-unset
# to respect user's choice (bug 187449)
eselect_vi_update() {
	einfo "Calling eselect vi update..."
	eselect vi update --if-unset
	eend $?

src_install() {
	local vimfiles=/usr/share/vim/vim${VIM_VERSION/.}

	# Note: Do not install symlinks for 'vi', 'ex', or 'view', as these are
	#       managed by eselect-vi
	dobin src/vim
	dosym vim /usr/bin/vimdiff
	dosym vim /usr/bin/rvim
	dosym vim /usr/bin/rview
	if use vim-pager ; then
		dosym ${vimfiles}/macros/less.sh /usr/bin/vimpager
		dosym ${vimfiles}/macros/manpager.sh /usr/bin/vimmanpager
		insinto ${vimfiles}/macros
		doins runtime/macros/manpager.sh
		fperms a+x ${vimfiles}/macros/manpager.sh

	domenu runtime/vim.desktop

	newbashcomp "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-completion ${PN}

	# keep in sync with 'complete ... -F' list
	bashcomp_alias vim ex vi view rvim rview vimdiff

pkg_postinst() {
	# Update documentation tags (from vim-doc.eclass)

	# Call eselect vi update

	# update desktop file mime cache

pkg_postrm() {
	# Update documentation tags (from vim-doc.eclass)

	# Call eselect vi update

	# update desktop file mime cache