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Modifications to Chromium for removing Google integration and enhancing privacy


  • ungoogled-chromium-117.0.5938.132_p1
    amd64 ~arm64 ~ppc64 ~x86
    +X bluetooth cfi +clang convert-dict cups cpu_flags_arm_neon custom-cflags debug enable-driver gtk4 hangouts headless hevc kerberos nvidia +official optimize-thinlto optimize-webui override-data-dir pax-kernel pgo pic +proprietary-codecs pulseaudio qt5 qt6 screencast selinux suid system-abseil-cpp system-av1 system-brotli system-crc32c system-double-conversion +system-ffmpeg +system-harfbuzz +system-icu +system-jsoncpp +system-libevent +system-libusb system-libvpx +system-openh264 system-openjpeg +system-png system-re2 +system-snappy system-woff2 thinlto uazo-bromite vaapi wayland widevine +l10n_af +l10n_am +l10n_ar +l10n_bg +l10n_bn +l10n_ca +l10n_cs +l10n_da +l10n_de +l10n_el +l10n_en-GB +l10n_es +l10n_es-419 +l10n_et +l10n_fa +l10n_fi +l10n_fil +l10n_fr +l10n_gu +l10n_he +l10n_hi +l10n_hr +l10n_hu +l10n_id +l10n_it +l10n_ja +l10n_kn +l10n_ko +l10n_lt +l10n_lv +l10n_ml +l10n_mr +l10n_ms +l10n_nb +l10n_nl +l10n_pl +l10n_pt-BR +l10n_pt-PT +l10n_ro +l10n_ru +l10n_sk +l10n_sl +l10n_sr +l10n_sv +l10n_sw +l10n_ta +l10n_te +l10n_th +l10n_tr +l10n_uk +l10n_ur +l10n_vi +l10n_zh-CN +l10n_zh-TW

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    Overlay: pf4public