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Parallel Runtime Scheduler and Execution Controller for micro-tasks on distributed heterogeneous systems


  • parsec-3.0.2012
    parsec-debug-history parsec-debug-mem-addr parsec-debug-mem-leak parsec-debug-mem-race parsec-debug-noisier parsec-debug-paranoid +parsec-dist-collectives +parsec-dist-priorities +parsec-dist-thread parsec-prof-active-arena-set parsec-prof-btf parsec-prof-dry-body parsec-prof-dry-dep parsec-prof-dry-run parsec-prof-grapher +parsec-prof-mmap parsec-prof-otf2 parsec-prof-pins parsec-prof-ptg parsec-prof-rusage parsec-prof-scheduling-events +parsec-prof-thread +cxx debug +devel-headers fortran +home-config-files +mpi profile +sched-deps-mask sim test +tools doc

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