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a constraint solver for relational logic


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# ChangeLog for sci-mathematics/kodkod
# Copyright 1999-2015 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/sci-mathematics/kodkod/ChangeLog,v 1.7 2015/06/28 19:31:40 jlec Exp $

28 Jun 2015; Justin Lecher <> kodkod-1.5.2.ebuild,
Add missing eclass

03 Jan 2015; Michał Górny <> kodkod-1.5.2.ebuild:
Use python-any-r1 for waf.

22 Jun 2014; Mark Wright <> kodkod-1.5.2.ebuild:
Use waf 1.7.16 instead of 1.7.6 in kodkod to try to fix Bug 513978. Specify
the classpath to javadoc. Use the javadoc -Xdoclint:none option for java 1.8
and later versions.

11 Feb 2014; Mark Wright <> kodkod-1.5.2.ebuild:
Fix bug 458462 - sci-mathematics/kodkod-1.5.2: fails to build with
JAVA_PKG_STRICT, fix by me. Remove dosym which was a workaround to EAPI 5
subslot depends that has since been fixed in the java eclasses.

02 Feb 2013; Mark Wright <>
Fix bug 453162 - workaround Java 7 Changes in Most Specific Varargs Method
Selection - by removing an overloaded method to allow the dumb javac to
compile it.

20 Jan 2013; Diego E. Pettenò <> metadata.xml:
Fix invalid metadata.

*kodkod-1.5.2 (05 Dec 2012)

05 Dec 2012; Mark Wright <> +kodkod-1.5.2.ebuild,
Add kodkod. Required by sci-mathematics/kodkodi which is necessary for sci-
mathematics/isabelle nitpick couter-example checking.