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MovieGrabber is a fully automated way of downloading movie from usenet



# ChangeLog for net-nntp/moviegrabber
# Copyright 1999-2014 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: $

*moviegrabber-9999 (02 Sep 2014)

02 Sep 2014; Daniel Rune Jensen (soehest) <>
-moviegrabber-2.1.9.ebuild, +moviegrabber-9999.ebuild, files/config.ini,
files/moviegrabber.conf, files/moviegrabber.init:
Moviegrabber development moved to github. Ebuild changes to reflect
this. Also code matured a bit so changes to init.d script as well.
Note: I do no longer use ANY usenet indexers so i am unable to actually
test this. Please report back if this is working/not working.

*moviegrabber-2.1.9 (27 Nov 2012)

27 Nov 2012; Daniel Rune Jensen (soehest) <>
+moviegrabber-2.1.9.ebuild, +files/config.ini, +files/moviegrabber.conf,
+files/moviegrabber.init, +files/moviegrabber.logrotate, +metadata.xml:
Initial commit requested by Russell York. References bug #424818