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Sip-Router (Kamailio/SER) is an Open Source SIP Server


  • sip-router-3.2.2
    ~amd64 ~x86
    +flavour_kamailio -flavour_ser debug ipv6 sctp group_standard group_standard_dep group_mysql group_radius group_postgres group_presence group_stable group_experimental group_kstandard group_kmysql group_kradius group_kpostgres group_kpresence group_kxml group_kperl group_kldap group_kjson acc acc_radius alias_db app_lua app_python async auth auth_identity auth_db auth_diameter auth_radius avpops benchmark blst call_control carrierroute cfg_db cfg_rpc cfgutils counters cpl-c ctl db_berkeley db_flatstore db_mysql db_oracle db_postgres db_text db_unixodbc db_sqlite ndb_redis debugger dialog dialplan dispatcher diversion domain domainpolicy drouting dmq enum exec geoip group h350 htable imc ipops iptrtpproxy jabber json jsonrpc-c kex lcr ldap matrix maxfwd mediaproxy memcached misc_radius mi_datagram mi_fifo mi_rpc mi_xmlrpc mqueue msilo mtree nathelper nat_traversal osp p_usrloc path pdb pdt peering perl perlvdb permissions pike pipelimit prefix_route presence presence_conference presence_dialoginfo presence_mwi presence_reginfo presence_xml pua pua_bla pua_dialoginfo pua_mi pua_reginfo pua_usrloc pua_xmpp purple pv qos ratelimit regex registrar rls rtimer rr rtpproxy sanity sdpops seas sipcapture siptrace siputils sl sms snmpstats speeddial sqlops statistics sst textops textopsx tls tm tmx topoh uac uac_redirect uri_db userblacklist usrloc utils xcap_client xcap_server xhttp xlog xmlops xmlrpc xmpp

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    Overlay: funroll-loops (layman)


# ChangeLog for net-misc/sip-router
# Copyright 1999-2012 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: $

28 Feb 2012; +sip-router-3.2.2.ebuild,
+files/ser.confd, +files/ser.initd, +metadata.xml:
Import from caio overlay, remove kamailio

*sip-router-3.2.2 (15 Feb 2012)

15 Feb 2012; Claudio G. Furrer <> +sip-router.3.2.2.ebuild:
Version bump.

*sip-router-3.2.1 (25 Jan 2012)

25 Jan 2012; Claudio G. Furrer <> +sip-router.3.2.1.ebuild:
Version bump.

*sip-router-3.1.5 (21 Sep 2011)

21 Sep 2011; Claudio G. Furrer <> +sip-router.3.1.5.ebuild:
Version bump.

21 Sep 2011; Claudio G. Furrer <> -sip-router-3.1.2.ebuild,
-sip-router-3.1.3.ebuild, -sip-router-3.1.4.ebuild, -sip-router-3.1.4-r1.ebuild,
-files/siprouter.confd, -files/siprouter.init:
Older versions than 3.1.4-r2 are no longer packaged.

*sip-router-3.1.4 (13 Sep 2011)

13 Sep 2011; Claudio G. Furrer <> +sip-router-3.1.4-r2.ebuild,
+files/ser.confd, +files/ser.initd:
Fix installation paths and names based on flavour specified in the USE flag
(ser or kamailio).

24 Aug 2011; Claudio G. Furrer <> sip-router-3.1.4-r1.ebuild:
Added kamailio-specific groups (group_k*) in USE flags.

31 May 2011; Claudio G. Furrer <> sip-router-3.1.4.ebuild:
Version bump.

*sip-router-3.1.3 (03 May 2011)

03 May 2011; Claudio G. Furrer <> sip-router-3.1.3.ebuild:
Version bump.

*sip-router-3.1.2 (21 Mar 2011)

23 Mar 2011; Claudio G. Furrer <> sip-router-3.1.2.ebuild,
Added flavours USE setup for kamailio/ser/sip-router options.
Also was added metadata file.

22 Mar 2011; Claudio G. Furrer <> sip-router-3.1.2.ebuild:
Added initial ChangeLog which should be updated whenever the package is
updated in any way.