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  • pavuk-0.9.36_pre20120215-r2
    ~amd64 ~ppc ~sparc ~x86
    debug gtk hammer ipv6 nls pcre profile ssl

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  • pavuk-0.9.36_pre20120215-r2
    ~amd64 ~ppc ~sparc ~x86
    debug gtk hammer ipv6 nls pcre profile ssl

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# ChangeLog for net-misc/pavuk
# Copyright 2002-2013 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/net-misc/pavuk/ChangeLog,v 1.41 2013/03/03 19:32:40 pacho Exp $

03 Mar 2013; Pacho Ramos <> metadata.xml:
Add to proxy-maintainers herd

04 Feb 2013; Pacho Ramos <>
Fix building due variables exported in wrong place (#452640 by dE and Richard

*pavuk-0.9.36_pre20120215-r2 (10 Jan 2013)

10 Jan 2013; Pacho Ramos <>
+pavuk-0.9.36_pre20120215-r2.ebuild, -pavuk-0.9.36_pre20120215-r1.ebuild,
Fix overflow (bug #450990 by Diego Elio Pettenò and fix by Richard Grenville),
remove old.

*pavuk-0.9.36_pre20120215-r1 (25 Feb 2012)

25 Feb 2012; Pacho Ramos <>
Fixes underlinking, bug #405337 by Attila Tóth; fixes a segfault in the GTK+2
interface on amd64, bug #262504#c40. Thanks to Richard Grenville for the

19 Feb 2012; Pacho Ramos <>
Fix PCRE support (bug #262504#c34 by Richard Grenville), install icon for menu

17 Feb 2012; Pacho Ramos <> metadata.xml,
Drop javascript support as it's completely broken, bug #262504#c25 by Richard
Grenville. I will start to be his proxy-maintainer for this also.

*pavuk-0.9.36_pre20120215 (16 Feb 2012)

16 Feb 2012; Pacho Ramos <> +pavuk-0.9.36_pre20120215.ebuild,
-files/pavuk-0.9.34-gcc43.patch, -files/pavuk-0.9.34-nls.patch,
-pavuk-0.9.34-r1.ebuild, -pavuk-0.9.34-r2.ebuild, metadata.xml:
Version bump with latest upstream snapshot including tons of bugfixes, this
also solves bug #262504 (adding a gtk2 gui) and buffer overflow problems (bug
#340833). Thanks a lot to Richard Grenville, dE, Andreas Klauer and D_W.
Remove old and broken buggy versions.

22 Nov 2011; Pacho Ramos <> metadata.xml:
Drop maintainer due retirement, bug #82110

*pavuk-0.9.34-r2 (03 Apr 2009)

03 Apr 2009; Patrick Lauer <>
+files/pavuk-0.9.34-gcc43.patch, +pavuk-0.9.34-r2.ebuild:
Gcc 4.3.3 compile fix, thanks to Magnus Granberg. Closes #259699

27 Jan 2007; Raúl Porcel <> -pavuk-0.9.32.ebuild:
remove mozilla depending version

08 Dec 2006; Christian Faulhammer <>
stable x86, bug #152932

07 Dec 2006; Timothy Redaelli <> pavuk-0.9.34-r1.ebuild:
Removed USE gtk and glib dependency (authorized by maintainer), stabilized
on ppc wrt bug #152932. Thanks to Markus Meier for gtk bug.

18 Nov 2006; Saleem Abdulrasool <> pavuk-0.9.32.ebuild,
Drop gnome useflag for gnome-1.x mask

27 Oct 2006; Gustavo Zacarias <>
Stable on sparc wrt #152932

*pavuk-0.9.34-r1 (26 Oct 2006)

26 Oct 2006; Piotr Jaroszy?ski <> -pavuk-0.9.34.ebuild,
Remove mozilla dep. Bug #137665.

25 Feb 2006; Marcelo Goes <>
+files/pavuk-0.9.34-nls.patch, pavuk-0.9.32.ebuild, pavuk-0.9.34.ebuild:
Fix modular X dependencies for 0.9.34 for bug 124091. Thanks to Mauricio L.
Pilla <pilla at gentoodot org>. Kill X dependency for 0.9.32, since
graphical frontend is not being built anyway. Add nls patch for 0.9.34 so
that it builds with --disable-nls.

20 Jan 2006; Marcelo Goes <> pavuk-0.9.34.ebuild:
Use gtk instead of X, adding GUI option for bug 114189. Thanks to Robert
Persson <ireneshusband at yahoo dot co dot uk>.

*pavuk-0.9.34 (20 Jan 2006)

20 Jan 2006; Marcelo Goes <> metadata.xml,
0.9.34 version bump for bug 118287. Thanks to Alexander Skwar <askwar at
digitalprojects dot com>. Also, making myself maintainer of this package.

09 Apr 2005; Michael Hanselmann <> pavuk-0.9.32.ebuild:
Stable on ppc.

09 Apr 2005; Jason Wever <> pavuk-0.9.32.ebuild:
Stable on SPARC wrt security bug #88028.

09 Apr 2005; Daniel Drake <> pavuk-0.9.32.ebuild:
Disable socks support due to brokenness

09 Apr 2005; Daniel Drake <> pavuk-0.9.32.ebuild:
Fix sandbox violation on USE=nls

05 Apr 2005; Daniel Drake <> pavuk-0.9.32.ebuild:
Stable on x86 for security

*pavuk-0.9.32 (05 Apr 2005)

05 Apr 2005; Daniel Drake <> +pavuk-0.9.32.ebuild:
Version bump to fix bug 88028

23 Mar 2005; Seemant Kulleen <> pavuk-0.9.31.ebuild:
change dep from net-www/mozilla to www-client/mozilla

08 Mar 2005; Jeremy Huddleston <>
Added to ~amd64.

11 Nov 2004; Daniel Drake <>
-files/pavuk-0.9.28-digest_auth.c.patch, -files/pavuk-0.9.28-http.patch,
Remove old insecure version, GLSA 200411-19

10 Nov 2004; <> pavuk-0.9.31.ebuild:
stable on ppc gsla:70516

09 Nov 2004; Jason Wever <> pavuk-0.9.31.ebuild:
Stable on sparc wrt security bug #70516.

09 Nov 2004; Daniel Drake <> pavuk-0.9.31.ebuild:
0.9.31 stable on x86

*pavuk-0.9.31 (09 Nov 2004)

09 Nov 2004; Daniel Drake <> +pavuk-0.9.31.ebuild:
Version bump to 0.9.31. Fixes security stuff, see bug #70516. Note that GTK
support is quite broken and has been disabled

25 Sep 2004; Daniel Drake <> pavuk-0.9.28-r4.ebuild:
Fix gnome depend.

12 Sep 2004; Daniel Drake <> pavuk-0.9.28-r1.ebuild,
pavuk-0.9.28-r2.ebuild, pavuk-0.9.28-r3.ebuild, pavuk-0.9.28-r4.ebuild:
Mark 0.9.28-r4 stable x86/ppc/sparc. Remove old versions.

*pavuk-0.9.28-r4 (17 Aug 2004)

17 Aug 2004; Daniel Drake <> metadata.xml,
Gnome menu entry fix thanks to Peter Robb <> in bug 60568.
Also cleaned up ebuild, and marked myself as maintainer (even though upstream
seems pretty dead).

*pavuk-0.9.28-r3 (26 Jul 2004)

26 Jul 2004; <> pavuk-0.9.28-r3.ebuild,
another security fix, this time in the digest auth code. Note: This package
appears to be at high risk for security problems and may/should be removed
from the tree in the future

29 Jun 2004; <> pavuk-0.9.28-r2.ebuild:
marked x86 ppc sparc stable

*pavuk-0.9.28-r2 (29 Jun 2004)

29 Jun 2004; <> metadata.xml, pavuk-0.9.28-r2.ebuild,
Security update. When pavuk connects to a web server and the server sends back
the HTTP status code 305 (Use Proxy), pavuk copies data from the HTTP Location
header in an unsafe manner. This leads to a stack-based buffer overflow with
control over EIP.

*pavuk-0.9.28-r1 (28 Nov 2003)

28 Nov 2003; <> pavuk-0.9.28-r1.ebuild:
Attempting to fix the DEPEND entries.

*pavuk-0.9.28 (10 Feb 2003)

10 Feb 2003; Seth Chandler <>: pavuk-0.9.28.ebuild
added pavuk to portage thx to Emil Mikulic <>