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Secure multithreaded packet sniffer


  • sniffglue-0.10.1

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    Overlay: pentoo (layman)
  • sniffglue-0.8.0
    ~amd64 ~arm64 ~x86
    debug fetch-crates

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    Overlay: rust (layman)


commit 0ed40f908be9ba9fe888ece4ec8219b0f9e26dfc
Author: Michael L <>
Date: Sat Aug 25 08:17:14 2018 -0500

added a few tools (#364)

added a few tools

squashed commits:

* Add files via upload

* fix path

* Rename dev-util/cargo-wix-0.0.5.ebuild to dev-util/cargo-wix/cargo-wix-0.0.5.ebuild

* fix rpm pathing.

* Add files via upload

* fix path to app-admin..

* Add files via upload

* Rename dev-util/xargo-0.3.9.ebuild to dev-util/xargo/xargo-0.3.9.ebuild

* my bad...

* adding repoman of goodies

* fix path

* fixing a few more