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The Bro Network Security Monitor


  • bro-sources-2.5.5-r1
    ~amd64 ~x86
    +broctl -broker curl geoip ipv6 jemalloc +python -ruby tcmalloc python_targets_python2_7

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commit 275ae265a115f75ad496cd795f120f8b57e68c64
Author: Foster McLane <>
Date: Wed Jan 2 16:18:25 2019 -0500

[net-analyzer/bro{,-sources}] update metadata.xml

commit 2b320848ac34eead27ec9ac94185635ade5e4f51
Author: Foster McLane <>
Date: Wed Oct 17 13:07:10 2018 -0400

[net-analyzer/bro-sources] use mv instead of cp -a

commit eb91285fcab08aaf9015df585c73f5f5b43282ea
Author: Foster McLane <>
Date: Sat Sep 15 17:10:20 2018 -0400

[net-analyzer/bro-sources] add Bro source code package because bro-pkg will *not* work without building Bro separate from Portage