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Themeable and easy to use TV Guide - written in Java


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# ChangeLog for media-tv/tvbrowser
# Copyright 1999-2015 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/media-tv/tvbrowser/ChangeLog,v 1.45 2015/05/31 00:56:25 monsieurp Exp $

*tvbrowser-9999 (31 May 2015)

31 May 2015; Patrice Clement <>
+files/tvbrowser-9999-build.xml, +tvbrowser-9999.ebuild:
Introduce live Subversion ebuild to the tree. Fix bug 300658.

30 May 2015; Johannes Huber <> metadata.xml:
Remove myself as maintainer.

*tvbrowser- (24 Mar 2015)

24 Mar 2015; Patrice Clement <>
+files/, +files/,
+tvbrowser-, tvbrowser-3.2.1-r1.ebuild, tvbrowser-3.4.ebuild:
Version bump. Fix bug 543272.

10 Aug 2014; Sergei Trofimovich <> tvbrowser-3.2.1-r1.ebuild,
QA: drop trailing '.' from DESCRIPTION

*tvbrowser-3.4 (12 Jul 2014)

12 Jul 2014; Johann Schmitz <> +files/3.4-build.xml.patch,
+files/3.4-remove-registrykey.patch, +tvbrowser-3.4.ebuild:
Version bump of tvbrowser (bug #476594); based on work by Small_Penguin

16 Aug 2013; Tom Wijsman <> -tvbrowser-3.2.1.ebuild,
Remove old / broken versions, see bug #451788.

*tvbrowser-3.2.1-r1 (13 Aug 2013)

13 Aug 2013; Tom Wijsman <> +files/tvbrowser-3.2.1-build.xml,
+tvbrowser-3.2.1-r1.ebuild, metadata.xml:
Revision bump. EAPI 5. Use virtualx for tests. Slotted all dependencies; added
swt and test? ( dev-java/ant-junit:0 ) dependency, the latter fixes tests
together with setting the test classpath. Renamed src_prepare to java_prepare
such that the preparation from the Java eclasses runs. Dropped dependency on
class files from build.xml as well as parts that are unnecessary for Linux
packaging, including fetching of dependencies. Made use of
to simplify java_prepare. Replaced src_compile by EANT_BUILD_TARGET and
EANT_DOC_TARGET. Reordered and shortened src_install, moved categories from
sed to make_desktop_entry call. Sorted variables. Removed redundancy. Fixing
up of dependencies fixes bug #480652 filed by Heiko Baums and Nils Kneuper.
Removal of dependency fetching from build.xml fixes bug #451788 filed by Diego
Elio Pettenò (flameeyes). Next steps should be unbundling as well as bumping
more dependencies (filed bug #480922 for this purpose), perhaps best done as
part of the next version bump.

*tvbrowser-3.2.1 (12 Nov 2012)

12 Nov 2012; Johannes Huber <> +tvbrowser-3.2.1.ebuild,
Version bump, remove old.

*tvbrowser-3.2 (28 Oct 2012)

28 Oct 2012; Johannes Huber <> +tvbrowser-3.2.ebuild:
Version bump.

13 Apr 2012; Ulrich Müller <> tvbrowser-3.1.ebuild:
Move EAPI assignment to top of ebuild, bug 411875.

*tvbrowser-3.1 (07 Feb 2012)

07 Feb 2012; Johannes Huber <> +tvbrowser-3.1.ebuild,
-tvbrowser-2.7.1.ebuild, -tvbrowser-2.7.4.ebuild:
Version bump wrt bug #313053. Initial ebuild by Robert Schedel
<>, changed by me. Fixes bug #298664 too. Punt jurassic

27 Jan 2012; Johannes Huber <> metadata.xml:
Take package over. Remove proxy maintainer and add myself.

16 Nov 2009; Matthias Schwarzott <>
-files/tvbrowser-2.1-makefiles.patch, -tvbrowser-2.2.1.ebuild,
-files/tvbrowser-2.2.1-makefiles.patch, -tvbrowser-2.5.ebuild,
-tvbrowser-2.5-r1.ebuild, -tvbrowser-2.5.2.ebuild,
-files/tvbrowser-2.5.2_noWin32.patch, -tvbrowser-2.5.3.ebuild,
-files/tvbrowser-2.5_Localizer.patch, -files/tvbrowser-2.5_buildxml.patch,
-files/tvbrowser-2.5_noWin32.patch, -tvbrowser-2.6.2.ebuild,
-tvbrowser-2.6.3.ebuild, -files/tvbrowser-2.6._Localizer.patch,

*tvbrowser-2.7.4 (16 Nov 2009)

16 Nov 2009; Matthias Schwarzott <>
Version bumped. Bug #258280.

*tvbrowser-2.7.1 (08 Nov 2008)

08 Nov 2008; Matthias Schwarzott <>
Added ebuild from Bug 229087 with some cleanups.

22 Oct 2008; Miroslav Šulc <> tvbrowser-2.5.2.ebuild,
tvbrowser-2.5.3.ebuild, tvbrowser-2.6.2.ebuild:
Migrated to EAPI-1 and restricted to dev-java/poi:0 because of
incompatibility with dev-java/poi-3.2

*tvbrowser-2.6.3 (22 Jan 2008)

22 Jan 2008; Vlastimil Babka <> +tvbrowser-2.6.3.ebuild:
Version bump, bug #197703. Prevent absorbing dependencies in tvbrowser's
jars. Use system skinlf again, remove some unneeded deps.

13 Jan 2008; Joerg Bornkessel <>
fixed wrong file format unix/dos in patch

13 Jan 2008; Joerg Bornkessel <>
typo fixed

*tvbrowser-2.6.2 (13 Jan 2008)

13 Jan 2008; Joerg Bornkessel <>
+files/tvbrowser-2.6._Localizer.patch, +tvbrowser-2.6.2.ebuild:
version bump; bug 197703

10 Jan 2008; Vlastimil Babka <> tvbrowser-2.2.1.ebuild,
tvbrowser-2.5.ebuild, tvbrowser-2.5-r1.ebuild, tvbrowser-2.5.2.ebuild,
Restrict junit dependency.

04 Jan 2008; Matthias Schwarzott <> metadata.xml:
Assigned package to vdr-project.

19 Dec 2007; William L. Thomson Jr. <>
Removed gen1 version.

27 Nov 2007; Matthias Schwarzott <> tvbrowser-2.1.ebuild,
tvbrowser-2.2.1.ebuild, tvbrowser-2.5.ebuild, tvbrowser-2.5-r1.ebuild:
Fixed quoting.

15 Nov 2007; Petteri Räty <> tvbrowser-2.5.2.ebuild,
Fix dev-java/xerces dependency so that it doesn't match multiple slots.

*tvbrowser-2.5.3 (30 Jul 2007)

30 Jul 2007; Matthias Schwarzott <>
+files/tvbrowser-2.5.3_noWin32.patch, +tvbrowser-2.5.3.ebuild:
Version bumped, bug #186824.

22 Jul 2007; Donnie Berkholz <>; tvbrowser-2.1.ebuild,
tvbrowser-2.2.1.ebuild, tvbrowser-2.5.ebuild, tvbrowser-2.5-r1.ebuild:
Drop virtual/x11 references.

18 May 2007; Matthias Schwarzott <> metadata.xml:
Changing herd to java.

29 Apr 2007; Matthias Schwarzott <> tvbrowser-2.5.2.ebuild:
Adding desktop entry, requested by Bug #176404.

28 Apr 2007; Vlastimil Babka <> tvbrowser-2.5.2.ebuild:
Raise dev-java/skinlf dependency to >=6.7 which fixes bug #170361.

27 Mar 2007; Petteri Räty <> tvbrowser-2.5.2.ebuild:
Ebuild cleanup.

*tvbrowser-2.5.2 (27 Mar 2007)

27 Mar 2007; Matthias Schwarzott <>
+files/tvbrowser-2.5.2_noWin32.patch, +tvbrowser-2.5.2.ebuild:
Proxy commit for Mirko Günther: Version bumped. Cleanup of bundled jars.
Register lib instead of manually tweaking the libpath. Bug #170947.

*tvbrowser-2.5-r1 (11 Mar 2007)

11 Mar 2007; Matthias Schwarzott <>
+files/tvbrowser-2.5_Localizer.patch, +tvbrowser-2.5-r1.ebuild:
Now systray icon works, Bug #170364. Country options can be changed, Bug
#170363. Thanks to Mirko Günther for the changes.

30 Jan 2007; Steve Dibb <> tvbrowser-2.2.1.ebuild:
Add ~amd64, bug 151858

*tvbrowser-2.5 (09 Jan 2007)

09 Jan 2007; Matthias Schwarzott <>
+files/tvbrowser-2.5-makefiles.patch, +files/tvbrowser-2.5_buildxml.patch,
+files/tvbrowser-2.5_noWin32.patch, metadata.xml, +tvbrowser-2.5.ebuild:
Updated to Version 2.5, thanks to ReneGart, added him as proxied maintainer.

06 Jan 2007; Matthias Schwarzott <> tvbrowser-2.1.ebuild,
Converted to elog.

04 Jan 2007; Matthias Schwarzott <> tvbrowser-2.2.1.ebuild:
Now use edos2unix from eutils.eclass

04 Jan 2007; Matthias Schwarzott <> tvbrowser-2.1.ebuild,
Added WANT_AUTO* (Flameeyes), removed jikes use-flag (Caster).

20 Oct 2006; Matthias Schwarzott <> tvbrowser-2.2.1.ebuild:
Readded the allthemes SRC_URI, due to Bernd Pachur <>,
Bug #151958.

*tvbrowser-2.2.1 (18 Oct 2006)

18 Oct 2006; Matthias Schwarzott <>
+files/tvbrowser-2.2.1-makefiles.patch, +tvbrowser-2.2.1.ebuild:
Version bumped. This needs a load of new depends. Thanks to spiralvoice
<> for noticing, Bug #135554. Removed amd64-keyword
until dependencies are keyworded.

02 Feb 2006; Patrick McLean <> tvbrowser-2.1.ebuild:
Add ~amd64 keyword (but #120087) and port to modular X. The dependencies for
modular X are based on a ldd of the Java binary libraries as I can't simply
check the links as is normally done since this is a Java application. Also
added "themes" to IUSE.

24 Jan 2006; Matthias Schwarzott <> tvbrowser-2.1.ebuild:
Make ebuild work with other architectures than x86

*tvbrowser-2.1 (22 Jan 2006)

22 Jan 2006; Matthias Schwarzott <>
+files/tvbrowser-2.1-makefiles.patch, +metadata.xml,
Inital import of ebuild (ebuild slightly based on the one from Bug #104792)