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A flexible audio effects processor, inspired by classical tape delay systems


  • tapiir-0.7.3
    amd64 ~ppc ~sparc x86

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# ChangeLog for media-sound/tapiir
# Copyright 1999-2012 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: $

*tapiir-0.7.3 (16 Nov 2012)

16 Nov 2012; Gavin Pryke (gavlee) <>
-tapiir-0.7.1-r1.ebuild, -files/tapiir-0.7.1-alsa.patch,
-files/tapiir-0.7.1-mtd.patch, -files/tapiir-0.7.1-multiline.patch,
+files/tapiir-0.7.1/tapiir-gcc4.patch, -tapiir-0.7.2.ebuild,
+tapiir-0.7.3.ebuild, +files/tapiir-0.7.3/0000-missing-m4.patch,
-files/tapiir-buffersizecallback.patch, -files/tapiir-gcc4.patch,
Bump to 0.7.3 updating SRC_URI and HOMEPAGE which were dangling.
Migrate to autotools-utils. Add patches for building on Gentoo.
Moved old patches to $/tapiir-0.7.1 to organise a bit better and
keeping those around for now as not sure if some are are still useful.

09 Aug 2008; Frieder Buerzele <>;
tapiir-0.7.1-r1.ebuild: KEEP: patches with more functionality
tapiir-0.7.2.ebuild: KEEP: more deps and useflag

17 Dec 2007; Thomas Kuther <> ChangeLog:
added a changelog