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  • radium-1.9.26
    ~amd64 ~x86
    +calf debug

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# ChangeLog for media-sound/radium
# Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: $

9 Mar 2013; Dominique Michel <>;
radium-1.9.26.ebuild: moved QT depend to dev-qt/*

29 Jan 2013; Dominique Michel <>;
+radium-1.9.26.ebuild; -radium-1.9.2.ebuild: version bump;
metadata.xml: removed no-herd

14 Nov 2012; Dominique Michel <>;
-radium-1.9.1-r1.ebuild;+radium-1.9.2.ebuild: version bump; fixed SRC_URI to
the final location (Kjetil Matheussen); removed non needed DEPEND (Kjetil M.);
make repoman happy, more will follow); use vestige for vst support
-files/radium-1.9.1.patch; +files/radium-1.9.2.patch: some bug fixes
and improvments from the GIT tarball, including a fix for the menu font size;
metadata.xml: added description for calf USE flag.

12 Nov 2012; Dominique Michel <>;
+radium-1.9.1.ebuild: Initial ebuild; move media-plugins/calf to RDEPEND
+files/radium-1.0.1.patch: some bug fixes and improvments from the GIT tarball.
-radium-1.9.1.ebuild; +radium-1.9.1-r1.ebuild: move media-plugins/calf to RDEPEND
with USE=ladspa.