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Holborn Audio Plugins: DSSI and LADSPA audio plugins, including DSP effects and a FM synthesizer



# ChangeLog for media-plugins/holap
# Copyright 1999-2012 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: $

15 Nov 2012; Gavin Pryke (gavlee) <>
Remove combine flag to attempt fix build with 4.6.x. Thanks to Dominique
Michel for build log

14 Nov 2012; Gavin Pryke (gavlee) <>
move WANT_AUTOCONF above inherit, change 2.59 -> 2.5.
add call to _elibtoolize since eautoreconf was dropped and no plugins get
installed. add some einfo messages. remove .la files. add ~x86 keyword.

13 Nov 2012; Dominique Michel <> holap-2012.10.26.ebuild:
moved to autotools eclass, adding WANT_AUTOCONF and WANT_AUTOMAKE; use the same function
as in the original autoconf system instead of eautoreconf

*holap-2012.10.26 (12 Nov 2012)

12 Nov 2012; Gavin Pryke (gavlee) <>
+files/holap-2012.10.26/0003-respect-ldflags.patch, +metadata.xml: